Employee Turnover - Sam's Story

How did your company lose him?

No Career Path - Julie's Story

What career options will your company provide?

Succession Planning - Peter's Story

What will it cost the company if they're wrong?

Employee Turnover - Sam's Story
No Career Path - Julie's Story
Succession Planning - Peter's Story

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Talent Management Suite

Performance helps employees and their managers identify development needs, close any gap employees may have in their skill sets and ties performance to overall business objectives. Most importantly, it establishes an on-going dialog with the employee so they are continually engaged in their perfromnace, not once a year as is traditionally done.
TalentGuard’s 360 Degree Feedback provides organizations with relevant insights about employees’ skills and behaviors and helps employees and managers understand strengths, weaknesses, and developmental needs based on balanced feedback.
Applicant Tracking offers a seamless and powerful approach to simplify the applicant tracking and recruitment process. Our solution is designed for employers that need an easy-to-use platform to recruit, qualify, track and hire new candidates.
Succession Planning helps organizations ensure business continuity by better understanding and developing your talent pools so that you can build a strong team from which to draw for future management roles. This solution helps to reduce long-term risk and the costs associated with requiring outside hires.
Compensation helps companies align business strategy with compensation incentives help to drive growth. Eliminating manual processes like spreadsheets reduces errors, is more accurate and flexible and easily scales as your organization grows.
Career path is a professional development tool that helps employees recognize career development opportunities to optimize their full potential. When employees understand the value of their skills, they are passionate about their careers and have a higher drive to succeed.
With Certification Tracking, you can manage manage, track, and report on your training, continuing education requirements and certification efforts, saving time and resources from manual tracking processes and reducing the risk of non-compliance by managing expirations and renewal dates.
Development Planning is a customizable, individual development and action planning tool that allows employees and managers to create and track developmental goals through an easy-to-use interface, dashboards and reporting.

A powerful talent management process is based on a competency architecture that unifies employee behaviors, functional skills, qualifications and work-style preferences. It serves as the foundation across all talent processes including pre-hiring assessment, performance evaluation, career development, coaching, succession management and leadership development.

As the foundation for TalentGuard's SaaS talent management suite, Career Core Competencies (C3) deliver an unparalleled set of competencies to your organization. With C3, you have access to a library of 550 general and technical competencies and over 900 competency-based job role profiles tailored to a wide range of industries. Explore how C3 can help your organization create best-practice talent management programs.

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TalentGuard's talent management software and consulting services have helped a range of clients and organizations - from Fortune 500 to SMB, international and domestic, in many different industries.

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