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Dual Career Principle 2: Eliminate the Comparisons

Dual Career Principle 3: Consistent Inquiry Builds Synergy

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Couples must consistently inquire about each other’s current and future career aspirations, goals, issues and feelings toward family, household obligations and level of stress. Often times, we get so wrapped up in our own personal or career issues that we forget to show concern and empathy for our partner’s goals and aspirations. With work and family priorities, it is difficult to find time for outward-looking discussions. The communication that we have with our partner typically includes the day-to-day “venting” discussions about work and family needs, responsibilities, issues and problems.

Instituting a ritual monthly check-and-balance system, an unstructured meeting of the minds, that gives both partners the ability to talk about future work and family obligations will go a long way to improving dual-career satisfaction. It is an important date because it provides you with the ability to continue the dream. Without such a system, short- and long-term relationship issues will result, such as frequent arguments, feelings of resentment toward the other person or worse– divorce.

Linda Ginac
Chief Executive Officer| TalentGuard

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