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No Success Formula for the Dual-Career Lifestyle

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Goals for an Equitable Dual Career Relationship

In my last post,“There is No Success Formula for the Dual Career Lifestyle”, I discussed the concept of dual-career entrepreneurs pursuing career success at the same time. Today, I talk about basic goals that help couples create and sustain mutual respect of their partner’s career choices.

Couples have to understand how to build an equitable partnership as a prerequisite for creating and sustaining a dual-career lifestyle. It is one thing for couples to voice that they believe in a fair and equitable partnership and quite another to commit to this relationship value over a lifetime.  Consider all the elements that must be factored into creating a genuine partnership: self-awareness, knowing your partner’s strengths and weaknesses, managing one’s ego, establishing common goals, managing multiple roles, resolving conflict, being flexible, learning how to negotiate, becoming skilled at relatedness, dealing with crisis situations, eliminating ambiguity and sharing many of the responsibilities traditionally assigned to men or women. To this end, partners must adopt the following framework for strengthening cooperation in their relationships.

Mutually Respectful Goals for Dual Career Earners

Couples agree that the goals of creating and sustaining a dual career lifestyle are to:

  • attain a mutually beneficial and equitable growth in all aspects of personal, family and professional life
  • clarify life roles and expectations towards those roles
  • openly communicate feelings on a consistent basis
  • eliminate traditional stereotypes and improve the division of labor and household chores between partners
  • share power and decision-making authority
  • deepen the spirit of connectedness in the family
  • view the other partner’s career aspirations as equally important as your aspirations
  • understand that without flexibility everything remains constant and neither person can prosper and grow
  • recognize that your life will be consumed with compromises and negotiations
  • create a family philosophy that will assist both partners in remembering the areas of life and work that hold the dearest value and what aspects are most important to the other person
  • never sacrifice the family system for personal gain

In my next post, I will talk about one of the five guiding principles of living peacefully as a dual career couple.

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No Success Formula for the Dual-Career Lifestyle

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