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Making Performance Management More Manageable and Less Maddening

Upcoming WebCast: Here’s How To Make Performance Management Work

Register for the TalentGuard Webcast and learn from the experts about how to build a smarter performance management strategy.

Date: June 7 at 12 CST

Chasing down employees and managers to complete reviews is not only maddening, it’s grossly inefficient. Human resources, managers and employees spend countless hours completing performance appraisals only to file them in a cabinet. Employees must search through endless emails, notebooks, and spreadsheets to find information relevant for the review. Managers must complete reviews and prepare for one-one-one feedback discussions with each employee.

Join CEO, Linda Ginac for an in-depth look at common mistakes and essential practices in performance management.

During the Webcast, you will learn how to overcome these challenges:

  • Lack of clearly defined goals cascaded from the top
  • Appraisals not tied to business performance
  • Reviews are static, stand-alone & historical
  • Limited line-of-sight and transparency throughout company
  • Hierarchical and no choice of relevant reviewers
  • Infrequent or low-quality performance feedback
  • Lack of clear vision on pay-for-performance

Talent Performance is a powerful and customizeable Saas-based tool that provides insight for the performance appraisal conversation, reward decisions and individual development planning. Register now to learn how TalentGuard can help you overcome performance management challenges and make it more engaging for managers and employees.

Get more information about Linda Ginac.

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Making Performance Management More Manageable and Less Maddening

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