Redefining Career Pathing to Support Your IT Talent in the Digital Age

Charting the Course for the New Employee Experience
This webinar focuses on talent challenges ahead for IT and HR leaders in a dramatically changing global landscape. In the digital age, leaders must change the rules on how they engage and develop their IT workforce to avoid major skill shortages. Business expectations are rising while technology is evolving at an ever-increasing rate. As a result, IT leaders are struggling to keep pace with employee development.  They are overwhelmed with outdated manual methods of assessing skills, managing certifications and supporting haphazard training.
Join TalentGuard and IBM to learn how IT leaders spanning healthcare to financial services companies are driving change in the digital age.  Our goal is to help you become an agile organization by bridging the gap between career growth, certification compliance, and leader enablement. Dynamic career experiences are shaping the future and IT leaders must help employees build new skills, engage in meaningful learning, and support career fluidity.

What you will learn:

  • How to accelerate change and velocity by using IBM‘s pre-defined IT Talent Framework.
  • How to use assessments to gain an accurate and up-to-date view of employee skills and aspirations.
  • ROI of building an organizational career matrix to develop critical individual and team skills and avoid skill shortages.
  • How to reduce costs and complexity by tracking certifications that comply with customers, partners, and regulatory needs.
  • How to identify internal candidates faster with the skills needed to compete and deliver on your workforce strategy today and tomorrow.

Linda Ginac, CEO, TalentGuard
David Shaw, Subject Matter Expert, Skills & Competencies, IBM

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