The TalentGuard Workforce Intelligence Platform

Empower your talent, transform your business.

Why a Platform

Integrated Solutions, Streamlined Processes

Our platform approach integrates business functions for streamlined, efficient, and cohesive organizational workflows and processes.

Scalability and Flexibility

Our platform provides scalable, flexible adaptation to market shifts, enabling growth without operational disruption.

Data-Driven Insights & Decision-Making

Our platform consolidates data for comprehensive insights, driving informed decisions and strategic business growth.

AI at work: the TalentGuard Workforce Intelligence Platform



Rapidly build AI-powered job, skill, and career data that seamlessly establish
a robust
foundation for transformative talent management.



Identify the most impactful strategies for sustained employee engagement
and retention, ensuring optimal return on investment.



Establish an enterprise-level foundation to manage and optimize a
business-critical talent management program at scale.



Talent Management Simplified.

Rapidly build AI-driven automation to efficiently create and maintain job, skill, and career data.


Competency Models

Utilize pre-vetted skill and competency models in organizations for ready-to-use, effective talent management practices.

Talent Frameworks

Job Profile Creation

WorkforceGPT employs AI for tailored and standard job profiles, aligning with industry trends and your company’s unique needs.


Content Management

Our Intelligent Role Studio offers an integrated system for managing skills, job descriptions, and career progressions.

Intelligent Role Studio


Talent is Precious.

Identify and implement the most impactful strategies to sustain employee engagement and retention.


Skills Insights

Accurately gauge each employee’s skill inventory and proficiency level with our comprehensive talent assessment software.

Talent Assessment

Goal Tracking

Track employee goals with personalized, feedback-driven tools for enhanced performance and career growth.

Development Planning

Career Marketplace

Enable clear career paths, helping employees envision and navigate their future with confidence.

Career Pathing


Elevating Organizational Success.

Establish a comprehensive business-critical framework to manage talent programs that align with organizational goals.


High Potential Development

Identify high-potential employees to strategically plan and fulfill future succession planning and talent needs.

Succession Planning

Continuous Performance

Manage employee performance consistently throughout the year for sustained growth and productivity.

Performance Reviews

Leadership Development

Enhance leadership development through multi-rater feedback, enabling leaders to recognize their strengths and blindspots.

360 Feedback

Certification Compliance

Manage employee certifications diligently to maintain compliance and uphold industry and vendor training standards.

Certification Tracker

A robust architecture for reliable results


Infused with artificial intelligence & machine learning

We dramatically reduce your workload with cutting-edge tools that help build your database and keep it up to date.

Flexible deployment strategy

Adaptable deployment approach, offering the flexibility to combine various modules with staggered launch schedules for different user groups.

Microservices architecture

This technology makes our platform resilient and scalable, so it can easily handle large data sets and provide extensive capabilities.


Leverage the TalentGuard platform in your own, customized way through our API.

Time to value

Proven significant ROI and fast-time-to-value with go-lives in weeks

Agile release schedule

Dynamic cloud-based release schedule, equipped for migration, development, and scaling of large-scale global enterprise deployments.

You can trust us with your data



We handle terabytes of sensitive data every day, and we take that responsibility very seriously. Our systems use the most secure encryption techniques to protect the privacy of your company and its employees.


We know you rely on your HR data to make mission-critical decisions, so we go to great lengths to make sure it never gets lost. Our servers back up your data regularly and…


Our priority is to protect your data, not profit from it. We only share your data with the third-party integrations you choose to implement. We never share it for marketing or other purposes outside our core services.

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