Talent is too precious to be overlooked and underutilized

At TalentGuard, we believe in the immense potential of talent. Our mission is to empower organizations with innovative software solutions and expert insights, ensuring that every bit of talent is recognized and optimally utilized. We’re committed to transforming how companies nurture and leverage their most valuable asset – their people.

Our Vision

A world that works at its highest potential

Imagine if every employee and company had exactly what they needed to achieve their greatest hopes, goals, and dreams. The outcome would be extraordinary: Total fulfillment in the workplace and grand ambitions lived out every day. That’s the kind of world we want to live in—and the one we seek to create.

We help companies truly see their people—their skills, credentials, performance scores, preferences, career aspirations and more—in order to realize the full potential of their workforce. Armed with this valuable data and the predictive power of AI, companies can pinpoint the best path forward not just for each employee but for the entire organization.

Our Values

Dare to lead

Show up every day with the courage to shape the future.

Serve with excellence

Provide high-touch, high-quality service at every step of the customer experience.

Think like an entrepreneur

Operate with a proactive, inventive, problem-solving mindset, seeing obstacles as opportunities.

Value the collective

Leverage the knowledge and experience of everyone on the team to make informed decisions.

Share our success

The results we achieve belong not only to us, but to our community.

Work with integrity

Embody honesty, ethics, direct communication, and accountability every day—no matter your role.

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Our Story

Strengthening workforces since 2009

Throughout her career in talent management, CEO Linda Ginac has always believed that everyone deserves to be in a role where they’re appreciated, respected, and able to make the most of their passion and talents.

She founded TalentGuard in 2009 on the back of that belief, while seeing the potential for technology to enhance the way companies and employees develop and utilize their skills.

Since then, TalentGuard has helped clients in every industry—from banking to biotech—uncover and foster the talent that lies within their organizations. Seeing them transform from the inside out to create happier employees, lower turnover rates, and stronger bottom lines is the reward that will keep TalentGuard going for years to come.


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