Career Pathing Increases Employee Engagement, Retention, and Performance

If You Can’t Answer This, You Can’t Fight Turnover

Career Pathing: It Isn’t Just for Managers

You already know that helping your employees establish a career path is one of the best things you can do for your company’s bottom line. You also know what information you need to supply to support those efforts and the number one question your employees want you to help them answer. What you may not know, however, is which employees need that help.

The short answer is: all of them.

While it can be tempting to focus career development efforts primarily on upper-level employees and/or anyone slated for management, your company will benefit dramatically from focusing on all of your employees, especially those employees in high-demand fields like information technology and software development.

Every position in your company is essential. Every position adds value for your customers and clients. Every position, then, deserves support.

When we think of career pathing, we often think of vertical promotions within a department. Accounting clerk to accounts payable or accounts receivable manger. Copywriter to creative director. Career paths, however, are often much more dynamic than that.

They can move laterally, across departments, or include large jumps. Bookkeeper to sales representative. Technical support to software engineer. If your career development support extends only to managers or employees with aspirations to become managers, then you are neglecting a large, talented pool of workers – workers you want to keep, workers who may be perfect for your succession plans if you can only help them flesh out their career goals.

To learn more about how your company can benefit all of its employees in career development, request a TalentGuard demo today.

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