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Are you ready to transform your job architecture, skills taxonomy, or skill-to-job mapping project? TalentGuard is offering an exclusive opportunity to accelerate your journey towards a more dynamic and efficient workforce.

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  • 10 Fully-Detailed Job Profiles: Dive into each role with 4 key responsibilities, 10 technical skills (complete with definitions), and behavioral indicators across four levels of proficiency.
  • Turnkey Solution: All this valuable data is presented in an easy-to-import, user-friendly spreadsheet format.

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  • Quick Delivery: Submit your request, and within just 24-48 business hours, TalentGuard will equip you with a meticulously prepared spreadsheet containing your skill-based job profiles.
  • Precision and Relevance: Our service is not just fast; it’s crafted with accuracy and tailored to the latest industry trends, ensuring you’re always ahead of the curve.
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  • This offer is exclusively available to companies with a minimum of 500 employees based in the US or Europe.

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