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The Universal Language for Talent Management

TalentGuard’s Talent Frameworks offers a robust library of vetted job and skill content. The library provides benchmarks across 5000+ job profiles and 6000+ skills spanning 19 core industries that have been curated and updated for 30+ years.

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Standardized Taxonomy

Establish talent benchmarks across your organization. Curated over 30 years, TalentGuard Talent Frameworks is a ready-to-use library of general and industry-specific job profiles with job descriptions, key responsibilities, technical competencies with behavior-based proficiency descriptions, and additional skill-focused content curated with the help of TalentGuard WorkforceGPT.

Accelerator Content

Each skill includes 4 accelerators, including interview questions, coaching tips, development references and learning resources.


TalentGuard provides the confidence, content and coverage you need to jumpstart your transformation – leading to better results, faster.

Talent Framework Architecture Overview

Our Talent Framework is comprised of the architecture components​ listed below. Check out our best practices for modifying the architecture to meet your organization’s needs.


Our competency and skill framework contains thousands of skills and competencies across dozens of industry segments. Each skill contains 4 levels of proficiency.

Job Content

Each job role includes a job title, job code, job description, four primary responsibilities, job family, job band, job focus, lead time, turnover percdent and 4 levels of competency proficiency.

Job Families

Our library contains jobs organized and grouped by job family and industry.

Competency Types

Contains many types of competencies including: Foundational, Leadership and Technical.

Proficiency Descriptors

Each competency comes standard with 21 or more behavioral statements across four proficiency levels. This helps set clear expectations of what good looks like in specific job roles.

Learning References

Competencies are associated with suggested learning references including training experiential, web-based, group sessions and seminars.

Development Goals

Quantitative and qualitative SMART development statements are provided to facilitate employee learning and development.

Interview Questions

Interview questions are aligned to the competencies associated to the job role. This enables consistent selection over time for positions.

Coaching Tips

Provides managers with coaching recommendations on methods to improve behavior and experiences that need to be shared.

Job Grades

Offers levels of jobs by scope of responsibility using six broad bands (1-6). We use the same 6 bands across all frameworks and all jobs.

TalentGuard’s software was the only product on the market capable of assessing our employees on our deep skill grids assessments.
- Harvey Greenberg, Chief of Staff and Head of Strategic Initiatives, Human Resources
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