Intelligent generation of job, skill and learning data

Automatically creates tailored skills and job descriptions, identifies necessary skills for each role, pinpoints crucial behaviors for these positions, and recommends relevant learning resources instantly.

WorkforceGPT Skills

Comprehensive Skill Building: WorkforceGPT Skill Builder allows for the creation of skill sets, including technical, leadership, and soft skills. This comprehensive approach ensures a well-rounded development of workforce capabilities. Each skill is complete with comprehensive definitions and behavioral indicators across four proficiency levels. This tool empowers organizations to customize and expand their skill libraries with precision and depth, fostering a more dynamic and responsive approach to talent development.

Dynamic Skill Updates: With the ever-changing nature of job roles, WorkforceGPT’s ability to frequently update skills and behaviors is invaluable. This adaptability ensures that employees’ skills remain relevant and competitive.

WorkforceGPT Learning

Learning Mapping: WorkforceGPT’s Learning Link Builder automatically maps skills with appropriate learning resources. This tool suggests relevant training materials and ensures they are up-to-date, providing employees with resources aligned with their growth objectives.

WorkforceGPT Jobs

Real-Time Job Profile Generation: By leveraging AI and large language models, WorkforceGPT provides an efficient way to create detailed job profiles in real-time. This ensures that job descriptions are always updated and aligned with current market trends.

AI-Driven Job Profiling: The AI integration in WorkforceGPT Jobs aids in constructing precise and skill-based job profiles, leading to a better match between job requirements and candidate capabilities. This enhances the accuracy of talent acquisition and internal mobility.

Give WorkforceGPT a Try for Free

Accelerate your job architecture, skills taxonomy or skill-to-job mapping project – Submit 10 Job Titles for us to process with WorkforceGPT. Using WorkforceGPT, we will build the job description with 4 core responsibilities, 10 technical skills with definitions, and behavioral indicators at four levels of proficiency. The data will be delivered in a spreadsheet ready to import and use. It’s fast, accurate, relevant, and based on the latest industry trends.

As a company deeply invested in optimizing our talent management systems, we recently had the opportunity to utilize TalentGuard's workforceGPT for generating skill-based job profiles. The results were nothing short of remarkable. In less than 24 hours, TalentGuard delivered 50 highly relevant and high-quality job profiles. What impressed us the most was not just the speed of delivery, but the structured format of the profiles, which allowed us to integrate them seamlessly into our existing systems. The profiles were so well-crafted and aligned with our needs that our team acknowledged they couldn't have done a better job themselves. This level of efficiency and quality has set a new standard for us in talent management."
- Head of Learning and Development for a Fortune 100 Manufacturer
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