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TalentGuard Talent Assessment Software

Comprehensive Talent Assessment: Empowering Employees and Enhancing Organizational Success

With TalentGuard’s Talent Assessment software, gain precise insights into your employees’ capabilities. This powerful tool enables both you and your employees to leverage their talents effectively in the present while strategically planning for future development. Our comprehensive talent assessment allows you to evaluate a wide range of factors, including skills, competencies, behavioral indicators, experiences, qualifications, certifications, and work-style preferences.

Comprehensive Skill Evaluation:

  • Assess a broad range of skills and competencies to gain a detailed understanding of employee capabilities. This evaluation covers both technical and soft skills, ensuring a holistic view of each employee’s strengths and areas for improvement.

Behavioral Indicators:

  • Evaluate behavioral indicators to understand how employees apply their skills in real-world scenarios. These indicators provide insights into employee behaviors and how they align with organizational values and culture

Qualification and Certification Tracking:

  • Monitor employee qualifications and certifications to ensure they meet industry standards and organizational requirements. This tracking helps maintain compliance and identifies areas where further certification may be beneficial.

Experience and Work-Style Preferences:

Assess employee experiences and work-style preferences to align their roles with their strengths and preferences. Understanding these preferences can improve job satisfaction and performance by placing employees in roles where they are most likely to succeed.

Benefits of TalentGuard Talent Assessment:

Identify Skill Gaps:

  • Gain a clear understanding of where skill gaps exist within your organization, allowing for targeted development and training initiatives. By identifying these gaps, you can address them proactively, ensuring your workforce is always equipped with the necessary skills.

Strategic Development Planning:

  • Use detailed assessment insights to create strategic development plans that align with both individual and organizational goals. These plans can be tailored to each employee’s unique needs, promoting personalized growth and development.

Enhanced Talent Utilization:

  • Leverage precise insights to place employees in roles where they can utilize their strengths effectively, improving overall productivity. Matching employees to roles that fit their skills and preferences ensures better performance and higher job satisfaction.

Continuous Improvement:

  • Foster a culture of continuous improvement and professional growth by regularly assessing and addressing employee development needs. Ongoing assessments help keep development plans relevant and effective, driving sustained growth.

Data-Driven Decisions:

  • Make informed, data-driven decisions about talent management, ensuring that your workforce remains competitive and capable. By basing decisions on robust data, you can confidently navigate talent management challenges and opportunities.

With TalentGuard Talent Assessment software, your organization can implement a robust system for assessing and developing talent, ensuring that every employee’s potential is fully realized. This module provides the tools needed to gain deep insights into your workforce’s capabilities, enabling better talent management and organizational success. By harnessing the power of precise, data-driven insights, you can drive targeted development initiatives, enhance employee engagement, and maintain a competitive edge in your industry.

TalentGuard Talent Card Assessment

Empowering self-assessment for proactive development

TalentGuard’s Talent Assessment Module offers a robust self-assessment feature that empowers employees to evaluate their skills, capabilities, and professional development comprehensively. This tool allows employees to take an active role in their career growth, providing multiple avenues for self-assessment and continuous improvement.

Role-Based Assessment:

  • Employees can assess their skills and competencies against their current job role, ensuring alignment with organizational expectations and performance standards.

LinkedIn Integration:

  • By adding their LinkedIn profile, employees can seamlessly import their professional data. TalentGuard’s AI then infers additional skills from the LinkedIn profile, providing a more comprehensive skill assessment.

Capability Assessment:

  • Employees have the flexibility to evaluate their skills, behavioral indicators, experiences, qualifications, certifications, and work-style preferences. They can choose to assess one specific skill or all capabilities during their check-ins.

Skill Evolution Tracking:

  • Innovative tracking of skill and proficiency evolution over time, providing proactive recommendations to meet future demands and market changes.

Target Level Comparison:

  • Employees can assess whether their skills are above, below, or at the target level set for their job role, providing clear insights into areas that require development or enhancement.

Feedback and Verification:

  • Employees can submit their self-assessments for verification when they feel confident in their evaluations. They can also solicit feedback from peers, managers, or mentors at any time on any skill, fostering a culture of continuous feedback and development.

Check-In Flexibility:

  • The self-assessment tool allows for regular check-ins, enabling employees to monitor their progress and make adjustments as needed. This continuous self-evaluation supports proactive career management.

With TalentGuard’s Talent Assessment Module, employees are equipped with a powerful self-assessment tool that supports comprehensive evaluation and continuous growth. This feature not only helps in identifying skill gaps and aligning with organizational goals but also fosters a culture of proactive development and continuous improvement.

TalentGuard Talent Card Manager Verification

Enhanced Self-Assessment with Manager Verification and Ongoing Feedback

TalentGuard’s self-assessment feature includes manager verification and ongoing feedback, ensuring accuracy and alignment with organizational standards. Key features of this enhanced self-assessment process include:

Manager Verification:

  • Skills are verified by managers to highlight any gaps between self-perception and manager ratings.

Ongoing Feedback:

  • Regular feedback from managers helps employees continuously improve and stay aligned with organizational expectations.

Alignment and Goal Setting:

  • The process identifies areas for alignment and facilitates goal setting, ensuring employees’ development plans are strategic and effective.

Development Insights:

  • Provides clear insights into the skills and behaviors that need development, helping employees focus on their growth areas.

This comprehensive approach supports continuous improvement and professional growth, ensuring both individual and organizational success.

TalentGuard Action Plans

Comprehensive skill and capability gap analysis

Comprehensive and forward-thinking skill and capability gap analysis that identifies both current and future skill needs, ensuring your workforce remains prepared for emerging market demands. Offers personalized recommendations for upskilling, career progression, learning, and development, helping employees and organizations stay competitive.

Current and Future Skill Needs:

  • The gap analysis identifies not only the current skills required but also anticipates future skills that will be crucial for your organization’s success. This forward-looking approach ensures that your workforce is always ahead of emerging market trends.

Personalized Upskilling Recommendations:

  • Based on the identified skill gaps, employees receive personalized recommendations for upskilling. These tailored suggestions help employees develop the specific skills needed to advance their careers and meet organizational goals.

Career Progression Insights:

  • The tool provides valuable insights into career progression opportunities. Employees can see clear paths for growth within the organization, supported by the skills and capabilities they need to develop.

Learning and Development Recommendations:

  • Employees receive targeted learning and development recommendations that align with their skill gaps and career aspirations. These suggestions are designed to enhance their competencies and prepare them for future challenges.

TalentGuard’s skill and capability gap analysis empowers organizations to maintain a competitive edge by staying ahead of skill requirements. This comprehensive tool supports strategic workforce planning, targeted development initiatives, and proactive career progression, ensuring both organizational success and employee growth.

TalentGuard Skills Evolution

Aspirational skills for opportunity identification

TalentGuard empowers employees to mark skills as aspirational, allowing them to express their interest in developing new capabilities. This feature helps employees be considered for gigs, assignments, or projects that managers assign to foster skill development.

Aspirational Skill Marking:

  • Employees can mark specific skills as aspirational, indicating their desire to develop these skills further.

Visibility for Development Opportunities:

  • Employees with marked aspirational skills are easily identifiable by managers for relevant gigs, assignments, or projects designed to develop those skills.

Talent Assessment Integration:

  • The Talent Assessment tool highlights the importance of these aspirational skills in relation to various roles, guiding employees to focus on skills that matter most to organizational success.

Targeted Development:

  • By identifying critical skills for different roles, the tool directs employees’ development efforts towards areas that have the greatest impact.

This comprehensive approach ensures that employees can pursue growth opportunities that align with organizational needs, ultimately enhancing both individual and company performance.

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TalentGuard enables Corteva’s procurement professionals to identify the training they need to progress to the next level of their career, identifying certifications, mentorship opportunities, and professional development goals that can help workers elevate their skillsets. This investment in talent development complements our efforts to enhance operational processes. It’s capable of aligning an employee’s career aspirations with available opportunities within the company."
- Tamra Pawloski, Head of Global Leveraged Procurement and Corporate Real Estate at Corteva Agriscience
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