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Succession Identifies and develops employees with the potential to fill key leadership positions within the company

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succession pyramid imageIt’s a frightening day when an employee leaves a key position with no successor ready to fill the void. Not only frightening, but expensive. It is estimated that 50% of that employee’s salary will be lost trying to find someone new for the role. Don’t let this happen at your organization, and put the fear to rest.

Succession by TalentGuard is a business continuity tool that helps you identify and develop internal employees with potential to fill key leadership positions within the company. Develop a bench of experienced, well-motivated employees ready and able to step into a role as needed using positive goal tracking and training designed to keep your organization capable and your goals met.

Register for this 45-minute product tour to see firsthand the features that make Succession by TalentGuard an essential and easy-to-use solution, including:

  • Business Continuity and Stability
  • Customized Development Plans
  • Proactive Business Practices
  • Retention of Key Talent

Join TalentGuard Customer Success and Solutions experts on Thursday, April 25th from 12:00-1:00pm cst for this special product demonstration of Succession by TalentGuard.

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