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Dual Career Prinicple 4: Throw Away the Scorecard

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Let’s face it; most people keep score.  We are taught to keep score in school, sports and in all aspects of business.  Keeping score makes it possible for us to give an accurate account of the good and the bad events and who is contributing.  Keeping score enables us to see who has performed or lived up to expectations and who has not. It is a tool used to ensure fairness and equality. However, life is not a game governed by winning and loosing opponents.

Keeping score in relationships appears to create the most difficulty for dual-career couples.  It sparks competition and resentment and does nothing but cause friction in the relationship. In my relationship, I’ve confronted my husband Frank numerous times with a list of everything he’s neglected to contribute to the relationship and household. Before responding, I’d be at the end of a laundry list of, “I did this, and this, and that, and you couldn’t even do…” Someone once said, “You are either part of the problem or part of the solution.” Frank and I vowed not to keep a running scorecard. We decided to give each other motivating hints about forgotten chores.  For example, when Frank forgets to take the garbage out; I don’t remind him anymore. Instead, I put the garbage can next to his seat at the dining table as a friendly reminder.  It’s not something that works for everyone, but it works for us.

Linda Ginac
Chief Executive Officer| TalentGuard

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