Campbell Soup Career Pathing Case Study: Finding a career and culture that nourishes and nurtures

Campbell Soup Company is a globally recognized brand with annual sales of more than $8B. Its worldwide reputation and prestige is built on powerful branding in three main categories: Soup & Simple Meals, Snacks, and Healthy Beverages.

Founded over 140 years ago, Campbell’s continues to lead the U.S. in innovative, people-centric business practices. With an award-winning focus on environmental sustainability, strategic business practices and a community orientation, Campbell’s has found its greatest success by focusing on, and nurturing, the prosperity of each person the company touches.

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The Challenge – Right People, Right Mindset

Campbell’s needs employees who can face the challenges its corporate reputation and demanding standards require. The company wants people who are seeking exciting and rewarding long-term careers, as well as the ability to grow a fulfilling career within the company.

One of the company’s challenges is to find (and retain) employees with the right mix of skills and experiences who can evolve into high-potential leaders. Campbell’s recognizes that engaged employees are essential to the continuing success of their business. Employees who want to develop their careers with the company are likely to be happier workers and to perform consistently on a high level.

This case study looks at the methods adopted by Campbell’s Human Resources department to increase employee engagement. These methods involved positively improving the organization’s career development strategy as a whole to enable the business to meet the needs of its employees. The HR team wanted to focus on developing all employees by helping them to build their careers internally through clearly identified career progression opportunities. They really wanted to expose various lateral and vertical career path opportunities available to employees all around the globe.

At Campbell’s, employee development concentrated on two aspects: (1) broad skills that are applicable to a wide variety of job roles, such as thinking creatively, making decisions and leading people, and (2) narrow specific technical skills that are required to be successful in a specific job role. HR wanted to ensure that all employees understood the skills needed to be successful in each role. So they linked every job role to the company’s comprehensive competency model.

In addition, identifying key competencies helped Campbell enhance its recruitment process to ensure that the company can attract the best candidates in the future. Campbell’s stands out from its competitors by providing a spectrum of career development opportunities for all employees. This means the business can recruit and retain high performing employees while at the same time driving improvements in sales and business performance.

Campbell’s partnered with TalentGuard to build a formal career path program and a set of career transition success stories to improve engagement, speed of employee development and retention.

The Solution – Map the Possibilities

Campbells Soup Career Pathing Map

TalentGuard collaborated with the Campbell’s HR team to identify the top 15 hard-to-fill and high turnover roles across the Americas and Canadian Retail Sales organization. A hard-to-fill role was any role that required specialized skills or education, and took more than six months to fill. A high turnover role included any role within the Retails Sales organization that was over 30% churn annually.

TalentGuard’s approach ensured clear career paths were available for any employee, from any background. Campbell’s conducted an assessment of competencies across all job roles to identify synergies and gaps between other roles and the 15 core roles. TalentGuard reviewed the assessment and made multiple suggestions on the framework and criteria used to assess synergies and gaps. The result was the identification of more than 20 lateral and vertical feeder opportunities for each of the 15 core roles, as well as next role progression opportunities.

Since brand is a huge factor at Campbell’s, TalentGuard wanted to ensure that their strong brand carried through all of the career development initiatives. TalentGuard met with the Campbell senior leadership team to discuss their vision for how they envisioned the brand be integrated into all deliverables.

Several electronic and paper-based deliverables were delivered to Campbell’s for the Career Pathing program:

Unique and highly branded visual career maps for each of the core roles demonstrating all possible progression paths
Wall-size graphics of each of the career path maps for personalized mentor sessions
Branded visual map templates for use by employees in building their own custom career path
Career spotlight talent profiles demonstrating key employees various career progression maps at Campbell’s starting from their days as an early recruit to senior leadership positions
Framework for automating career pathing framework with TalentGuard’s Career Path Software

The Results – A Clear Vision

Campbell’s unveiled the career pathing project at their national sales conference and held an entire session on the new Career Path model. Since that time, employees have each identified 3 roles of interest and are collaborating with managers on specific development plans. With this information, Campbell’s can now begin to develop a formal succession plan to build the next generation workforce.

The Human Resources department received stellar feedback on the initiative and the company is rolling it out to all other departments. Managers now have deeper knowledge of different job roles, each employee has their own IDP (Individual Development Plan) and managers are better equipped to engage in relevant career development discussions with their employees.

It ís still too early to provide metrics on the number of vertical and lateral moves and retention because the program is still in 12-month metric evaluation phase, but the results look promising.

TalentGuard created a compelling career pathing program that makes it clear to our employees how they can grow their career internally, what skills need to be developed and how long it takes a typical employee to progress from role-to-role.

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