Transforming Verified Skills into Verified Success

Presented at the Global HR Tech Virtual Symposium by

Presented at the Global HR Tech Virtual Symposium by

Track: Human Experience: Compensation, Rewards & Engagement

How influential is skills data in your organization?  Skills data can be an obvious and utilized source for talent insights that influence people decisions, a long-awaited untapped gold mine to some, or an even absolute mystery to others. But whether you are a fine-tuned HR operations machine or ready to take your first step into leveraging skills, there is an undoubted benefit when working with clean and unbiased data. We call this verified skills data. Fundamentally, this type of data unlocks and impacts long-term business success.

In this webinar, TalentGuard CEO, Linda Ginac will present how skills data impacts every talent decision from hiring and internal mobility to performance scores and succession planning. This presentation will discuss practical application of skills data throughout different talent management processes and will demonstrate how verified skills data within your organization will give you the power to transform biased guesses into insights-driven decisions that can improve your total talent management life-cycle.

Linda Ginac –CEO, TalentGuard