Frank Ginac

Chief Technology Officer

Leadership Page

Frank Ginac’s career spans 30 years of building world-class enterprise software. A hands-on leader, Frank is the chief software architect of TalentGuard’s award-winning software suite and leads the team that develops the company’s innovative solutions. At TalentGuard, Frank is able to blend his passion for employee development and his breadth and depth of experience building complex software systems for global deployment to help create the leading career pathing and talent management solution in the market today. He is the author of two books, including Building High-Performance Software Development Teams and Customer-Oriented Software Quality Assurance. Frank holds a BS in Computer Science from Fitchburg State University and a MS in Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he specialized in Interactive Intelligence (the branch of Artificial Intelligence focused on creating intelligent and adaptive systems that interact with humans on their own terms).

“The work I most enjoy is writing code. It’s an endeavor that requires a high degree of creative problem solving and collaboration. It’s through the collaborative and social process of code writing that I’ve been able to exercise my passion for leading the brilliant and creative people that have produced many dozens of enduring and award-winning software products over the course of my career. Together, we have changed for the better how businesses operate, how students learn, and with my latest venture TalentGuard, how businesses help their employees grow in their careers. Most important, at the end of every line of code I’ve written or helped to write there’s a person whose day I’ve somehow made better.”