Frank Ginac

Chief Technology and Artificial Intelligence Officer

Frank Ginac

Frank Ginac is a leading figure in the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) with talent management. As the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of TalentGuard, he is pivotal in advancing AI applications to address complex challenges within large enterprises. Frank also serves as the CAIO of TalentGuard Labs, where he drives innovation in AI to enhance employee growth, organizational growth, and operational efficiency.

Before TalentGuard, Frank was the Chief Technology Officer at, where he revitalized IT operations and introduced Agile project management, greatly enhancing web publishing capabilities. Previously, at CompassLearning, he led a large team to deliver high-quality educational software to K-12 schools, substantially reducing costs by implementing lean and Agile methodologies. At Scalable Software, he served as Executive Vice President of Products and Services, managing product development in IT Asset and Compliance Management, including pioneering the company’s first offshore venture. His earlier career includes significant roles at DELL and Hewlett-Packard, where he developed essential software solutions and led major integration and development teams that propelled the companies’ strategic and technological growth.

Frank Ginac holds a Master of Science in Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with Honors from Fitchburg State University. His academic and professional achievements underline his role as a visionary in applying AI technologies to enhance talent management systems and his commitment to educating future technology leaders. A published author, he has contributed to AI, software development, and quality assurance through his books and numerous articles. Frank made significant contributions to the academic field by providing instructional support for graduate-level courses in AI and related subjects at the Georgia Institute of Technology. His work in education reflects his dedication to nurturing the next generation of tech innovators, ensuring ongoing engagement with the forefront of technological research and development.