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TalentGuard Brings Engaging Social Collaboration to Talent Management

TalentGuard Brings Engaging Social Collaboration to Talent Management

TalentGuard’s Predictive People Development suite now enables employees to connect with co-workers and provide real-time feedback and recognition. The ongoing conversation in a social context serves to drive team engagement, employee development and overall employee satisfaction.

[Austin, TX] – March 26, 2014 – TalentGuard, a leading provider of Enterprise 2.0 cloud-based talent management software, is changing the way companies assess employee performance and engage them in all aspects of the employee’s career development experience. By opening up the traditional performance management cycle to the enterprise social network, TalentGuard is enabling simple and seamless social feedback across all talent management programs improving employee engagement and driving higher performance.

“With the adoption of enterprise social software on the rise, TalentGuard is providing an easy way for companies to realize their vision of Enterprise 2.0 by leveraging their existing investments in social software”, according to Frank Ginac, TalentGuard’s Chief Technology Officer.

Today, TalentGuard announces the general availability of its enterprise social software integration suite with out-of-the-box support for IBM Connections, Jive, Communispace and Microsoft Yammer.

Organizations recognize that networked technology and far-reaching social networks are fundamentally challenging the status quo of how employees relate to their job, their workplace and their peers. Recent industry research notes the changing nature of performance reviews and the growing importance of social recognition.

By embedding the social enterprise into the ongoing processes of talent management programs and initiatives, TalentGuard is putting social integration where the work is actually happening. Organizations are now empowered to link this social feedback to all relevant talent management processes including performance reviews, succession planning, employee development, career pathing and goal-setting. By tracking and monitoring conversations, feedback type and frequency of use, corporate leaders now have a window into who is saying what, when, and how those interactions map back to the overall goal of organizational success.

To see TalentGuard’s Yammer integration in action as well as the rest of the powerful Predictive People Development talent management suite, contact us for a demo at 855-258-1040 or visit us at https://talentguard.com

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