BOCA RATON, FL, Aug. 12, 2022 — After an extensive review, Brandon Hall Group confirms that TalentGuard is delivering on its mission to help companies unleash their inner genius and meet the ever-changing needs of their workforce.

“Skills management is the common ground between employees and their company,” said Chief Strategy Officer Michael Rochelle at Brandon Hall Group. “TalentGuard empowers companies to identify the scope of an organization’s skill gaps, deploy agile talent practices that deliver the right learning experiences, and measure the impact of upskilling and development on business performance to make better data-led decisions.”

The analyst team at Brandon Hall Group has spent a considerable amount of time understanding TalentGuard as well as the market they operate in. The team has conducted in-depth briefings and a thorough evaluation of TalentGuard’s product/service value proposition.

Brandon Hall Group’s Smartchoice® Preferred Provider Program provides a world-class membership center for knowledge, resources, and advisory support to the entire TalentGuard organization to ensure our certification is a reflection of the highest standards a Provider can attain in the market.

“At TalentGuard, we are focused on helping companies connect their skills management efforts to business performance,” said Linda Ginac, CEO of TalentGuard. “Most companies have partial knowledge of the skills in their workforce and a vague idea of what they should be, making it impossible to identify and close crucial skill gaps.​ Even after, there is a lot of uncertainty within businesses on how their efforts tie back to how well their people and company are performing. By creating a solution that provides clarity to this grey area, businesses and their people can grow together with confidence.”

Brandon Hall Group has consistently been the leading independent analyst firm and confirms that TalentGuard’s offerings measurably benefit the organizations they work with.

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—About Brandon Hall Group Inc.

Brandon Hall Group is the only professional development company that offers data, research, insights, and certification to Learning and Talent executives and organizations. The best minds in Human Capital Management (HCM) choose Brandon Hall Group to help them create future-proof employee development plans for the new era.

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—About TalentGuard

TalentGuard is the leading Workforce Skills Management solution that helps companies define skills, lay out clear development paths for every employee and track the impact of development on business performance. Whether your company is grappling with talent management for the first time, looking to modernize outdated tools, or searching for that extra competitive edge, our solution can meet you where you are. TalentGuard gives you a clear, actionable view of your company’s skills, roles, and pathways, so your people can develop their talents, put them to work, and achieve greatness together.