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TalentGuard Wins Gold in the 2021 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards for Best Advance in Career Management or Planning Technology

AUSTIN, TX – December 13, 2021 – TalentGuard, a leading Human Capital Management Technology company was awarded Gold in the 2021 Brandon Hall Group Awards for Best Advance in Career Management or Planning Technology for their Workforce Intelligence Platform’s ability to drive career mobility and unlock critical talent insights to support organizations navigating The Great Resignation and today’s aggressive talent market.

The Brandon Hall Group is a preeminent research and analyst firm with expertise in Learning & Development, Talent Management, Leadership Development, Talent Acquisition, and Workforce Management, and more than 20 years of delivering research-based solutions that empower excellence in organizations. Their HCM Excellence Awards was the first to recognize organizations for learning and talent and is the gold standard, known as the “Academy Awards of Human Capital Management.”

As the world of work evolves rapidly, it is critical that organizations understand their workforce capabilities now, before gaps in human capital widen further. TalentGuard’s Workforce Intelligence Platform provides companies with critical insights to understand the capabilities of their workforces, the development actions they can take to close gaps for employees, and the ability to provide employees with transparent aspirational career mobility to support upskilling and reskilling. Organizations utilizing TalentGuard have experienced higher levels of engagement and retention, increased promotional success rates, and even improved customer satisfaction ratings. The mutual benefit of connecting an employer’s needs and their employees’ aspirations has proven to create impactful benefits for businesses and those that they serve.

“In today’s market, employees are in the driver’s seat. They have more options than ever before, forcing organizations to effectively balance supporting their desires and professional growth with having the right capabilities to drive their businesses forward. We are very proud to have our Workforce Intelligence Platform recognized as a critical solution for both employees and employers who are handling the challenges that they face today, while also providing a future-proof plan for what comes next. I am honored to have the Brandon Hall Group acknowledge this accomplishment,” said Linda Ginac, CEO of TalentGuard.

“Now many employers need technology that can identify skills and skill gaps, design development plans tied to learning, build career paths and consistently assess job performance to provide a single source of truth about the workforce. Enter TalentGuard, a comprehensive workforce intelligence platform that does all that while also enabling employees to weigh in with their aspirations and take ownership of their career development,” said Michael Rochelle, Chief Strategy Officer and Principal HCM Analyst of Brandon Hall Group.

TalentGuard will be honored at the HCM Excellence Conference 2022 in February.


About TalentGuard

TalentGuard provides the expertise, data and AI-powered insights to help organizations systematically manage job competence, objectively measure employee capabilities and continuously improve their ability to manage and empower their workforce. TalentGuard unlocks deeper insights on employee capabilities to make better workforce decisions.

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About Brandon Hall Group Inc.

Brandon Hall Group operates the largest and longest running awards program in Human Capital Management. As an independent HCM research and analyst firm they conduct studies in Learning and Development, Talent Management, Leadership Development, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Talent Acquisition and HR/Workforce Management. These benchmark studies help organizations by providing strategic insights for executives and practitioners responsible for growth and business results.

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