Building Your Succession Bench Before the Trade Deadline

Effective succession planning has a lot in common with successful coaching. Like in sports, managers invest heavily in their MVPs, which ensures they know they’re valued, are actively engaged, and feeling well rewarded. But what about the bench? If your company isn’t actively engaging its second string, succession planning efforts will fall flat.
Approximately 70% of all good second team/bench players who have been with the team more than four years are actively in “new team hunt mode” at any given time. Your competitors know this – and they know what you may be doing (or not doing) to possibly lose them. This webinar will provide compelling pro-active and reactive reasons why you should build and strengthen your bench with 3, 4 and 5-Tool Players.

If your team member is any good at all, s/he is on someone’s radar. More potentially damaging to you, your potential future Starters likely are trying to get on another team’s radar – weighing their worth; clarifying what they are looking for in a new team, a new coach, and a new manager; and figuring out what their longer-term prospects look like. In this webinar, you’ll learn the key reasons why they are searching or at least open to being traded, sold, or poached – and how to stop it.

David will inject his approach to assessing your bench in ways that give you practical, relevant, and critical data to build for the future. We’ll help you look beyond competencies, performance, and potential, and expose you to the illusive but extraordinarily important 6th Tool of Motivation and Drive. Finally, you’ll learn how to assess it and act upon it, ensuring a strong – and loyal – second string.