Get Executives Bought into Career Planning

3 Tips to Get Executives Bought into Career Planning

In this webinar, Get Executives Bought into Career Planning, Linda Ginac will share retention-focused strategies for:

  • How to reduce the inordinate amount of time and energy spend on new talent acquisition…by hiring from within
  • How to increase visibility for the available career paths in your organization
  • How to curtail and remedy job-hopping

Even in an age of breathtaking technological advancement, the most valuable resource in any company or organization is still its people. Now, perhaps more than ever, adopting cutting-edge talent management practices for attracting, developing and retaining high-performing employees has become a competitive necessity for businesses.
It is essential to provide resources that help employees plan for their future. Company-wide career planning initiatives prove to aid the retention of top employees by showing them how to progress their careers within the organization. It also assures that the valuable knowledge and expertise acquired during their employment remains.
Strengthening the relationship between employees and their companies creates highly-engaged and motivated personnel – which is good for the bottom line. Unfortunately, executives often deal with such high-level issues themselves they need reminders that corporate planning efforts must extend all the way down to the individuals that comprise the organization.
Watch TalentGuard CEO and HR Guru, Linda Ginac present tips on how to Get Executives Bought into Career Planning.