Helping Employees Chart a Career Path

In this webinar, Linda Ginac takes an in-depth look at how organizations are helping employees chart a career path and prioritizing internal candidates for new job opportunities. Instead of employees settling for traditional, outdated career ladder opportunities, career pathing gives employees career “lattice” options. Career lattices allow individuals the ability to pursue other roles in the company where their experience and knowledge can be applied to the new position.

By providing your workforce with career development options and allowing them to chart their own career path, you’ve given employees a reason to grow personally and professionally within your organization. As a result, employees are more engaged and turnover decreases.

This on-demand webinar will explore the following areas:
• What is Career Mobility?
• Why is it important to your organization?
• What impact does it have on employees’ job satisfaction?
• How can you successfully implement a career mobility strategy?