How the Work World is Redefining Reskilling and Upskilling


Reskilling, upskilling and internal mobility are needed more than ever but many organizations are struggling to deliver on these strategies. TalentGuard’s CEO, Linda Ginac joined Brandon Hall Group’s Excellence at Work podcast to share how to facilitate these critical strategies at scale.

Topics include:

  • How and why was TalentGuard founded?
  • Why is reskilling such a problem?
  • How does TalentGuard help with reskilling and upskilling?
  • Client examples of how TalentGuard helps organizations
  • How can TalentGuard facilitate upskilling, reskilling and career development at scale?
  • How does TalentGuard help with talent mobility?
  • What is the role of data in reskilling and upskilling
  • Why do most reskilling efforts fail?
  • What can we learn from the role of an insurance claims adjuster?
  • TalentGuard’s 2023 business priorities
  • Insights from Linda’s journey
  • And more!