Key Challenges in Reskilling and Upskilling


Key Challenges in Reskilling and Upskilling

Employers are struggling to upskill and reskill their workforces. According to Brandon Hall Group’s Upskilling and Reskilling study, 60% of organizations lack the technology ecosystem to do this effectively.

Brandon Hall Group research highlights several challenges:

  • Lack of Skills Visibility: Organizations often don’t know the skills their employees possess. This makes it difficult to identify and address skill gaps.
  • Outdated Job Descriptions: HR departments struggle to keep job descriptions and skills requirements updated, especially with manual or semi-manual processes.
  • Misalignment of Learning Strategies: There is often a disconnect between learning strategies and the skills and competencies needed to drive business objectives.
  • Executive Misalignment: Executives are not always on the same page regarding how to develop competencies and skills across the organization.
  • Outdated Tools and Processes: Many organizations rely on outdated tools and manual processes, making it difficult to efficiently track and manage employee skills and learning progress. This inefficiency hinders the ability to swiftly identify skill gaps and deploy appropriate training programs
  • Limited Data Insights: Without an integrated technology system, companies struggle to collect and analyze data on employee skills and training needs. This lack of data insights prevents organizations from making informed decisions about workforce development and aligning training initiatives with business goals
  • Scalability Issues: As businesses grow and evolve, their training needs become more complex. A robust technology ecosystem is crucial for scaling up reskilling and upskilling efforts to meet the demands of a larger, more diverse workforce. Without it, organizations find it challenging to provide consistent and comprehensive training across all departments and locations
  • Integration with Other Systems: Effective reskilling and upskilling require seamless integration with other HR systems, such as performance management and recruitment tools. Without this integration, organizations face difficulties in creating a cohesive talent management strategy that supports continuous learning and development.

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