Business Risk of Unverified Skills Data

Business Risk of Unverified Skills Data

Research from Lighthouse Research & Advisory reveals that employers often rely on skills data from unreliable sources. This presents a significant limitation, as skills data influences every talent decision, from hiring and internal mobility to leadership development and more. Ultimately, this impacts overall business performance.

In this session, renowned researcher and author Ben Eubanks will explore the importance of creating a validated set of skills and why sharing skill priorities with every employee, not just the executive team, is crucial. Ben will delve into the process of validating skills data to ensure accuracy and reliability. By establishing a credible set of skills, organizations can make informed decisions that enhance workforce capabilities and drive business success.

Ben will discuss the critical steps for creating validated skills, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive approach that includes input from various stakeholders. He will highlight the benefits of transparent communication about skill priorities, fostering a culture where every employee understands and aligns with the organization’s goals.

Attendees will also hear a compelling case study of a successful strategic initiative. This real-world example will illustrate how validated skills data can drive positive outcomes, from improved hiring practices to enhanced leadership development programs. The case study will provide practical insights into the implementation process and the tangible benefits realized by the organization.

In contrast, Ben will share a cautionary tale of a project that failed due to a lack of skills clarity. This example will underscore the risks associated with unverified skills data and the potential negative impact on business performance. By examining this failure, attendees will learn valuable lessons on the importance of skills validation and the consequences of neglecting this critical aspect of talent management.

Join Ben Eubanks in this informative session to understand the business risks of unverified skills data and discover how to create and maintain a validated set of skills to ensure long-term organizational success.