Accruent Case Study

Unlocking Limitless Growth

The Challenge

Accruent is a high-growth company with a business model designed to disrupt the industry. To compete in the market, Accruent had to enhance its HR systems to nurture existing talent. The company knew it needed a solution to continually upskill its workforce to establish a culture of internal mobility and continuous learning. Additionally, managers had no visibility into their employees’ skill gaps and aspirations, limiting their ability to fill vacant roles. Without a line of sight into what was next for employees, Accruent faced the inevitable challenges of employee attrition. By introducing new approaches to workforce development, Accruent can anticipate customer needs, develop solutions faster and improve employee retention.

The Solution

To unlock the potential of its workforce, Accruent introduced the mission, “Grow Without Limits.” This program aims to provide employees with career resources, coaching, upskilling opportunities and the support necessary to achieve personal and professional growth. Accruent’s strategy focused on several key areas:

  • Continuous Upskilling: Accruent implemented programs to regularly upskill employees, ensuring they had the latest skills needed to excel in their roles. This commitment to learning fostered a culture of growth and adaptability.
  • Internal Mobility: By promoting internal mobility, Accruent encouraged employees to explore new roles within the company. This approach not only filled vacant positions more effectively but also motivated employees by offering clear career paths.
  • Skill Gap Analysis: Managers gained tools to identify and address skill gaps among their teams. With this insight, they could tailor development plans to individual needs, enhancing overall team performance.
  • Employee Engagement: The new HR systems included features that increased employee engagement, such as personalized learning paths and progress tracking. These tools helped employees stay motivated and focused on their career development.

Finding the right partner

As Accruent’s mission came into focus, the company chose TalentGuard as its partner to help execute that mission across the business. TalentGuard provided the software, content and consulting to roll out the program around the globe. TalentGuard’s solution included Career Pathing, Succession Planning, Development Planning, Intelligent Role Studio and TalentGuard’s Talent Frameworks. Together, Talent Frameworks and the suite of software Accruent selected laid the foundation for unlocking transformational potential for its growing workforce.

Getting started, intelligently

Before partnering with TalentGuard, Accruent began a huge initiative to manually map career progressions for over 250 job roles within their organization. However, the company lacked role-specific data to intelligently build a career lattice. After undertaking the daunting task of building out skill-based job profiles and career paths for a single job family, Accruent quickly realized it needed a scalable solution to minimize the labor- intensive process of building and maintaining a dynamic career architecture, eliminate one-off assessments and provide employees the ability to grow.

Creating job profiles, dynamically

TalentGuard’s Talent Frameworks are dynamically curated and ready-to-use library of general and industry-specific job profiles. These job profiles include job descriptions, key responsibilities, leadership competencies, foundational skills, technical skills with behavior-based proficiency descriptions, and additional skill-focused-content curated with the help of artificial intelligence. TalentGuard’s Intelligent Role Studio (IRS) uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to accelerate, automate and simplify key processes in job role and skills management, so organizations can maintain a clear model of their company’s career architecture. The Intelligent Role
Studio powers the entire TalentGuard platform. With an application programming interface (API), IRS can power the entire ecosystem to ensure a source of truth for job roles.

The Outcome

Accruent started with four Talent Frameworks, containing 1,115 skills and 511 job profiles. With IRS, the company modernized its job profiles into 14 job families within weeks, saving multiple months’ worth of manual labor.

Through these initiatives, Accruent successfully built a robust workforce development strategy. The company now anticipates customer needs more effectively, develops solutions at a faster pace, and retains top talent by providing clear opportunities for growth. Accruent’s mission to “Grow Without Limits” became a reality by investing in their employees’ continuous development and creating an environment where everyone could thrive.

Assessing digital capabilities, continuously

Accruent’s employees voluntarily participated in a capability assessment of their skills, experiences, and qualifications to help form a detailed understanding of their current capabilities and future aspirations. By assessing employees’ existing roles and future ambitions, employees and managers were better equipped to focus on professional development, skill-based learning interventions and career coaching.

More than half of their people have assessed skills, totaling 19,000+ verified skills across their workforce.

Improving retention with career paths and internal mobility

With detailed job profiles and rich assessment data, employees seeking new roles can learn about the capabilities necessary to be considered for a new job, compare themselves to any role in the company to get a readiness match percent, take relevant learning to become qualified candidates, search for mentors and more.

Over 80% of employees have career paths, working toward a total of more than 12,700 goals.

When employees are able to take control of their careers, they can envision a future path and work towards a journey that aligns with their skills and life plans. This offering supports a more inclusive, innovative approach to workforce development — and is a key differentiator for Accruent in the market. Accruent now has the tools to retain talent and allow employees to Grow Without Limits.

About Accruent

Accruent is the world’s leading provider of intelligent solutions for the built environment — spanning real estate, integrated technology systems, and the physical and digital assets they connect. Founded in 1995, Accruent continues to set new expectations for how organizations can use data to transform the way people and systems work together. With major offices in Austin, New Orleans, London and Amsterdam, Accruent’s 1000+ employees serve more than 10,000 customers in a wide range of industries in over 150 countries around the world.

View the Accruent case study: Unlocking Limitless Growth to see how they achieved their mission to “Grow Without Limits”.

Our goal was to give employees an amazing talent mobility experience to help improve retention, but we didn’t want to spend significant amounts of time updating and evolving our job roles on an annual basis. TalentGuard gives us a way to significantly speed up this process by eliminating the painstaking manual effort while also keeping roles relevant. With Intelligent Role Studio, we can focus more on getting our employees what they need instead of being stuck in the role rationalization processes that is common without a product like this.
Stacey Houston, Senior Learning & Development Consultant