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To win new business in today’s highly competitive market, IT service providers must have employees with the right skills, certifications and capabilities to prove their competence. While leaders struggle to acquire new talent, successful IT teams are upskilling to meet demands and drive customer success. Our award-winning platform will keep you at the forefront of one the fastest growing industries.

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Record-breaking quarters of new business.
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Increases from 80 to 87%.

Higher internal promotional success rates.
Objective skill assessments led to clear expectations for internal mobility.

Improved customer satisfaction ratings.
Average of 86%.

Maintained high customer retention rates.
Average of 98%.

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TalentGuard won Gold in the 2021 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards for Best Advance in Career Management or Planning Technology.

“Overall, TalentGuard’s comprehensive approach unlocks deep insights on employee capability and potential so employers can make better workforce decisions. The platform is a particularly good fit for organizations focused on developing specialized skills sets, such as technology companies.”

Claude Werder
Senior VP and Principal HCM Analyst, Brandon Hall Group

IT tested and proven

IT market leader, Version 1 won Gold in the 2021 Irish Institute of Training & Development Awards for Best Talent Development Initiative and were winners of the Excellence in Talent Development award at the 2019 Annual Technology Ireland Industry Awards.

“TalentGuard is the solution that enables our vision to become a reality.”

Alan Reilly
Learning & Development Manager, Version 1

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In today’s workplace climate, it’s often necessary to train current employees on new ways of performing tasks. After all, technology changes fast and what may be cutting edge last year is old school next year. This is especially true for IT service providers. To accomplish this, companies are increasingly turning to digital upskilling courses. IT service providers need to understand the skills that their employees have and where there are gaps. As an employee, you can upskill yourself by taking upskilling software for IT service providers and other training to advance your growth.

Upskill Training

The upskill training meaning is a powerful practice where companies provide their employees with training and development opportunities. Companies can use upskilling to their advantage in two important ways:
They can improve employee skill sets. How often does leadership see promise in a young or inexperienced team member? By developing the skills they need and already possess, the company ends up with a high-performing A-player.
They can close the skills gap. By investing in such training, employers create more valuable, well-rounded employees. This can help close the skills gap felt by older team members leaving the workforce, or created by new technology developments.
Upskilling is especially useful for IT service providers who need to understand both their employees’ skills and gaps. You can even upskill yourself with books, articles, and webinars.

There are several ways IT service providers, or anyone who is interested, can upskill themselves. Taking digital upskilling courses is one convenient way to do it. Mentoring or shadowing another employee with the targeted skill set is another. Employers may also offer quick in-person learning sessions taught by experts, or by a senior figure in the company.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for upskilling your employees. You may find that a combination of digital upskilling courses, in-person training, and mentoring creates the best learning opportunity and strongest results.

Upskill Training
The first step in upskilling employees is to identify the skills they already possess. Once you have that assessment as a starting point, you can create learning and development opportunities for the skills they need to add or further develop.

Upskill training and development can take various forms. Your employees can enroll in online or in-person courses to close the gaps on their skillsets.

Here are a couple of upskilling examples with positive outcomes.

Example #1: Let’s say Meghan has been with your company, CBE Company, for two years and has performed well. She is interested in learning about a new technology that would help her eventually move into a management role. Her manager decides to upskill her with a software program she can access either at work or at home. The training is outlined well, and she can go at her own pace. The next few months, Meghan uses this tool to upskill herself with the knowledge she needs. After her training, Meghan’s promoted to a management position and goes on to have a long, successful career with her CBE Company.

Example #2: Jeremy is interested in tech, but has never worked in that department. Jeremy is a smart, dependable employee, and the tech department is short-staffed. His manager decides to provide digital upskilling courses for him to learn what he needs to know. Once Jeremy finishes the course, he makes a lateral move to the tech side of the business, where he thrives and eventually gets promoted. Jeremy, who was getting bored with his old position, is now fully engaged and even mentors younger employees.

These training/upskilling workforce examples are a few scenarios where upskilling software can improve employee skill sets and offer them valuable career development opportunities. When IT service providers have a software that informs them of the skills of their workforce and recommends different options to upskill, the company enjoys a repeatable and verified process to grow their workforce.