Creating a Career Pathing Program

Why Your Employee Performance Review Needs to Change for Millennials

Career Pathing Performance Appraisal Webinar

[Webinar] Career Pathing: Is it the New Performance Appraisal?

Is the annual performance review dead?

A growing bandwagon of CEOs and senior HR leaders are predicating the end of the ineffective and universally despised annual performance review. Many leaders have proposed throwing reviews out altogether. We don’t believe this is the right solution.

In this webinar, Linda Ginac will discuss how the fix lies in creating a better and more continuous appraisal that is tied to job role competencies. Millennials represent more than half the workforce and growing. They view training and the opportunity to experience a variety of roles and responsibilities as the means to self-improvement. Relevant training and experiences that allow them to freely move up, across, or down the career lattice are highly desirable and promote engagement, retention and accountability.

While giving employees the ability to explore different career options by navigating a company’s career lattice whether on paper or by application, this alone is not sufficient to achieve a return on the investment in training, mentoring, and otherwise developing employees. There still needs to be a way to assess the efficacy of this investment on employee performance and ensure a positive return.

This webinar will inform companies on how to replace their current annual performance review with a systematic competency-based approach to talent management that blends performance, employee career aspirations, and development in one cohesive system putting the employee’s career development at the center. Linda will cover how to:

  • Link performance reviews to an employee’s talent profile to assess proficiency levels
  • Demonstrate all available next career moves within an employee’s existing department and beyond
  • Serves up a personalized career development plan to grow employees skills and experiences


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Career Pathing Performance Appraisal Webinar
Why Your Employee Performance Review Needs to Change for Millennials

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