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How Certification Tracking with Spreadsheets Can Shut Down Your Business

Certification Management Nightmares

certification management nightmares

Certification management is crucial for businesses across a multitude of industries, yet the administrative upkeep is a nightmare. Unfortunately, the consequences of non-compliance are even more dangerous. Hefty fines. Government sanctions. License suspensions and revocations. Lost clients. Discontinued revenues. These are just a few of the serious consequences businesses and employees can face when certifications are out of date or when managing those certifications is overwhelming.

Need an example? Look no further than the airline industry. The Federal Aviation Administration regulates everything from pilots and aircrafts to airlines and airports. Certifications managed include the Airmen Certification for pilots and mechanics, the Airworthiness Certification for aircrafts, the 121 Air Carrier Certification, Airport Certification, and various medical, instructor, and supplemental certificates. Operating an aircraft or aviation business without these certifications may result in fines, revocations of licenses, and/or government action.  In essence this means that planes could remain grounded if anyone – from the maintenance crew to the pilot to the head of the airline or airport – forgot to obtain or renew the necessary licenses and certifications. Worse yet, the pilot, maintenance tech, and/or airline may be prohibited from renewing their certifications in the future.

Other government-required certifications and licenses include those that regulate the financial securities industry and the medical services field. These regulations and requirements can be particularly difficult to navigate, as most vary from state to state, especially in the healthcare industries. Doctors and hospitals, for example, must obtain licenses from the individual states where they plan to practice medicine. Practitioners must also, however, remain in compliance with a number of federal programs and regulations, including HIPAA. Not obtaining or maintaining the correct licenses or certifications could cost a doctor or other provider the right to practice medicine – permanently.

Most businesses and employees are familiar with the licenses, certifications, and permits needed in order to begin conducting business in their given industry. The problem arises when it comes time to renew these certifications or fulfill newly legislated requirements. Then, human error, lack of knowledge, or a missed deadline can create major problems. A certification tracking system that assists in identifying compliance issues and managing certification deadlines can help eliminate these risks. One that integrates with your company’s personnel files and career paths is even better – especially if it tracks certificate expiration dates.Want to learn more information?

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Resource Box Header How Certification Tracking with Spreadsheets Can Shut Down Your Business
How Certification Tracking with Spreadsheets Can Shut Down Your Business

What does it take for your company and your employees to remain in compliance? How many certifications does each employee need? How often must they recertify to remain in order to operate? Not knowing (or following through) on the answers to these questions costs businesses billions of dollars each year. It also subjects them to […]