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Corporations need to alter their internal career development strategy

We visit with 60 people a week for career management services.  The one theme that is consistent accross all of the people who visit with us is that they are dissatisfied with their work and employer.  People are dissatisfied for a variety of reasons include:

  • hating their career choice
  • hitting the glass ceiling
  • being overlooked for a promotion
  • having conflict with a manager or peer
  • lacking upward mobility
  • feeling bored with the same tasks
  • limiting project scope……and more…..

Corporations expect employees to manage their own career internally and employees want to be in control of their destiny, but very few people do it properly.  We are not taught how to manage a career in school. We don’t learn when we enter the workforce. So, how does it happen?  Chance and luck.  For most of us, our career simply happens. We don’t develop a strategic map that will get us from point a to c.  Instead, we zig zag our way up the corporate ladder, figure out we actually dislike our chosen path, try to change it….fail and repeat the patter several times over.  All of this happens while we work, which means that employees are not as engaged as they could be.

Corporations can do something about it.  Give employees the right training and tools to help them understand the knowledge and skills required to manage their career the right way!  Corporations need to shift away from simple assessments, 360 feedback and motivational training sessions because they are short-lived. Employees don’t want to be measured. They want to be understood.  Help them achieve their goals and they will “invest” in you for years to come.  An engaged employee is a happy one.

NSCM’s training has been used by thousands of clients with a 97% success rate.  We have a proven training program that helps employees articulate their talents, identify internal roles of interest, plan internal mobility and brand for growth.  Our Career Management System is not just another “skills” training program.  Rather it is a program that provides a step-by-step process for achieving career goals over the lifespan.