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Learning series webinar 6 methods to get emplotees to follow through on development after a 360 assessment

New Learning Series Webinar – 6 Methods to Get Employees to Follow Through on Development After a 360 Assessment


Implementing a formal development plan after a 360 degree feedback program can be a major issue facing HR and line managers. Employees are typically reluctant to share the final report with management because they fear it may negatively impact working relationships. In this webinar, you will learn 6 methods to get employees to follow through on development:

  • Establish clear expectations before, during and after a 360 program
  • Ensure best practices during the debriefing process
  • Set clear expectations with managers on their role in the 360 development process
  • Incorporate development options directly into the 360 report based on specific competency gaps
  • Implement a formal coaching process to ensure on-going feedback between managers and employees
  • Measure the 360 Feedback process regularly to ensure development gaps are shrinking

Join TalentGuard Solutions experts on Wednesday, June 5th from 12:00-1:00pm cst for this special webinar on development after 360 assessments.

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