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Insurance Technical Skills Performance Management Comments Examples

In the insurance industry, technical skills play a crucial role in driving operational success and ensuring effective management of resources. These skills encompass a diverse range of competencies and qualities essential for navigating the complexities of insurance operations. We have meticulously curated an extensive list of vital technical skills highly sought-after in the insurance sector. This updated compilation includes competencies such as Risk Assessment, Policy Underwriting, Claims Management, Actuarial Analysis, Regulatory Compliance, Customer Relationship Management, Financial Analysis, Data Analytics, Technology Integration, and Market Research. For each skill, we provide a detailed description and a range of sample performance review comments, graded on a scale from 1 (Below Expectations) to 5 (Truly Outstanding). This structured approach offers a nuanced understanding of how these skills can be demonstrated at various levels.

Below is a valuable resource table tailored to empower insurance professionals in enhancing their technical capabilities. It serves as an indispensable tool for evaluating and fostering these critical skills within insurance teams. It’s essential to acknowledge that while these examples offer a foundation, effective performance comments should be tailored to each individual, aligning with their specific performance objectives and contributions to organizational success.We invite you to check out our comprehensive library of pre-built skills, competencies and job profiles for the insurance industry.

Skill NameSkill DescriptionBelow Expectations
Meets Expectations
Exceeds Expectations
Greatly Exceeds Expectations
Risk AssessmentEvaluating potential risks and determining their impact on business operations.Struggles to identify and assess risks accurately.Identifies and assesses risks according to established guidelines.Provides insightful risk assessments that inform decision-making.Anticipates and mitigates risks proactively, ensuring minimal impact.Recognized as a risk assessment expert, guiding strategic risk management initiatives.
Policy UnderwritingAssessing insurance applications and determining coverage terms and premiums.Fails to accurately evaluate insurance applications.Effectively underwrites policies based on standard criteria.Develops customized insurance policies that meet client needs.Creates innovative underwriting strategies to optimize risk management.Regarded as an underwriting authority, setting industry standards for policy evaluation.
Claims ManagementProcessing and resolving insurance claims in a timely and fair manner.Struggles to handle claims efficiently, leading to delays and dissatisfaction.Manages claims according to standard procedures, resolving issues promptly.Handles complex claims effectively, ensuring fair outcomes for all parties.Leads claims management initiatives, improving processes and customer satisfaction.Receives accolades for outstanding claims management performance and customer service.
Actuarial AnalysisUsing statistical and mathematical models to assess risk and calculate insurance premiums.Lacks proficiency in actuarial modeling techniques.Performs basic actuarial analyses accurately.Conducts complex actuarial analyses to inform pricing and risk management decisions.Develops advanced actuarial models, optimizing pricing strategies.Recognized for groundbreaking contributions to actuarial science, shaping industry practices.
Regulatory ComplianceEnsuring adherence to legal and regulatory requirements in insurance operations.Often overlooks regulatory obligations, resulting in compliance issues.Follows regulatory guidelines to maintain compliance.Proactively ensures compliance with evolving regulations.Leads regulatory compliance initiatives, setting industry standards.Receives industry recognition for exemplary regulatory compliance efforts.
Customer Relationship ManagementManaging relationships with clients to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.Struggles to maintain positive relationships with clients.Effectively communicates with clients to address their needs.Builds strong and lasting relationships with clients, fostering loyalty.Anticipates client needs and exceeds expectations, driving retention and growth.Recognized as a customer relationship expert, driving customer-centric strategies.
Financial AnalysisAssessing financial data to evaluate insurance company performance and make strategic decisions.Struggles to interpret financial statements and metrics.Conducts basic financial analyses to evaluate company performance.Provides insightful financial analyses that inform strategic decisions.Develops advanced financial models and analyses, driving profitability.Receives accolades for exceptional financial analysis expertise, guiding strategic initiatives.
Data AnalyticsCollecting, analyzing, and interpreting data to extract valuable insights for business decisions.Struggles to analyze data effectively, resulting in limited insights.Performs basic data analyses to identify trends and patterns.Extracts valuable insights from data to inform business decisions.Develops advanced analytical models, uncovering actionable insights.Recognized as a data analytics expert, driving data-driven decision-making.
Technology IntegrationIntegrating technology solutions into insurance operations to improve efficiency and effectiveness.Struggles to integrate technology solutions effectively, leading to disruptions.Implements basic technology solutions to streamline processes.Integrates advanced technology solutions, enhancing operational efficiency.Leads technology integration projects, driving innovation and transformation.Receives industry recognition for pioneering technology integration initiatives.
Market ResearchCollecting and analyzing market data to identify trends, opportunities, and threats in the insurance industry.Struggles to conduct comprehensive market research, resulting in limited insights.Performs basic market research to identify key market trends.Provides insightful market analyses that inform strategic decisions.Develops advanced market research strategies, uncovering untapped opportunities.Recognized as a market research expert, guiding strategic initiatives with actionable insights.


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The information provided offers a thorough exploration of technical skills relevant to the insurance industry, providing detailed descriptions and diverse performance review comments that cater to a variety of professional competencies. We invite you to delve further into our additional resources, where you can gain deeper insights and explore a broader spectrum of skills, including technical proficiencies, leadership qualities, and soft skills. Whether you aim to bolster your team’s capabilities or cultivate your own expertise, these supplementary materials are invaluable assets for promoting ongoing professional development and attaining excellence within the insurance sector.

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