Predictive People Development: Part 2 of the TalentGuard Video Series

The Genesis of TalentGuard: Part 1 of the TalentGuard Video Series

How inconsistencies in performance reviews cause turnover March 11

MARCH WEBINAR | FIVE SHADES OF GRADING: How Inconsistencies in Performance Reviews Cause Turnover

Five Shades

Employees across the board will tell you that performance reviews are a painful exercise. These outdated methods of appraising an employee’s accomplishments are an uncomfortable experience for the reviewee and the reviewer alike.

One reason is that employee appraisals are subjective; managers do not always rate an employee’s performance on objective criteria. Where one manager might give an employee a “two” on a five-point scale, another might give the same employee a “four,” with the only difference being the reviewer’s bias.

This “rater bias” is one of many reasons why traditional performance reviews cause employee disengagement and ultimately, turnover. In this latest webinar, you will learn how your organization can positively change performance reviews, giving employees and managers alike an experience that benefits both sides of the process.

Join TalentGuard CEO, Linda Ginac, on March 11 at 12:00 pm CT for an informative and detailed look at how performance reviews can become a positive experience within your organization.




The Genesis of TalentGuard: Part 1 of the TalentGuard Video Series

Linda Ginac recognized an alarming pattern of despair among corporate employees with whom she came into contact. Realizing it stemmed from a growing corporate focus on risk reduction at the expense of employee development and satisfaction, Ginac launched TalentGuard to fundamentally change the way companies develop, engage and retain their employees.

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