Linking Cascading Goals to Employee Performance Management and Development Planning Improves Engagement

Succession Planning & the Butterfly Effect

We Heard Your Organization is One Big Maze

It has been just over a decade since the Department of Defense approved GPS technology for use by civilians, and in that time companies like Garmin have experienced tremendous growth and profit by meeting public demand for these devices.  GPS units in car dashboards provide a sense of assurance for drivers; hand-held tracking devices enhance the safety of hikers; and GPS-enabled smart phones offer the freedom of exploration to travelers. Global positioning and turn-by-turn directions on-demand have begun to feel like a right, rather than a luxury.

As the structure of many organizations has become increasingly complex, moving from a hierarchical ladder to a multi-directional lattice, it has become easier for employees to get lost within the organizational maze. An organization that implements a career pathing strategy is able to provide employees with professional assurances similar to those attained through the ownership of a GPS device:

Agency and Assurance: “I can get to where I want to be and am following the most efficient route available.”

Security: “I will not get lost. I know where I am within my organization’s structure and personal career plan.  If there is a road block along the way, I can safely go down an alternate route and end up where I want to be”.

Freedom of Exploration: “There are several directions I can take, each with different goals and experiences, where do I want to go?”

GPS integration has enabled us to immediately seek navigational assistance after a wrong turn, and your employees are just as likely to seek a new direction if they feel lost for long…and they may choose to navigate their career elsewhere. Provide your employees with the tools to identify career paths and necessary developmental goals and you improve internal mobility, enhance long-term employee engagement, and make your organization an employer of choice for high-performing talent.