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Succession Planning: Webcast Video

Does your company have a succession plan in place for your executive team? Having a succession strategy in place before a key player leaves is imperative. During our webcast, “How to do Succession Planning in 7 Steps,” we cover the seven simple steps you should take when creating your strategy.

During the webcast, we to take an in-depth look at the following topics:

  • The downfalls of not having a succession planning strategy in place
  • How to identify successors and build a pipeline of “ready now” employees
  • How to take your high potential employees and create a plan to help them develop
  • How to effectively communicate your succession planning strategy internally

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Succession Planning Readiness Tool
Succession Planning Readiness Tool

Succession Planning: Step-By-Step Evaluation Worksheet Have you ever wished there was a worksheet to help you determine how strong your succession planning strategy is? The Succession Planning Readiness Tool is a step-by-step worksheet that lets you assess where you are today and where you need to improve upon your succession strategy. Use this tool to […]

Succession Planning Mistakes icon Sign
Succession Planning Mistakes

Top 4 Succession Planning Mistakes We hear this a lot, “Our succession planning process rewards the ‘popular’ over the ‘competent.’ We are losing our best people because nobody at the top knows who they are.” A succession planning strategy shouldn’t be put in place the moment you lose one of your top executives or when high potential employees are threatening to leave. […]

How to do succession planning the right way
How To Do Succession Planning

How To Do Succession Planning The Right Way Talent Management Magazine recently wrote an article, “How to Do CEO Succession Planning Right,” in which the sudden departure of Best Buy’s CEO was discussed and that it was going to take six to nine months for the company to find a replacement. The reality is, Best Buy shouldn’t need this […]