Employee Engagement: Recognizing and Giving Thanks

Creating A Culture Of Coaching In 10 Steps: Upcoming Webinar

The Impact of Feedback: Why It’s Needed

Feedback is a powerful and surprisingly cost-effective method of assessing and developing people, teams, and organizations as a whole. Without feedback, individuals are left in the dark as to the impact of their decisions and actions on their organization and relationships. With feedback, they can gain self-insight.

Feedback comes from a number of structured and unstructured sources, including objective sources such as financial, business process, or HR data (employee turnover, for instance), and subjective sources such as comments or ratings from managers, peers, or customers. Senior staff often fears receiving feedback because of its connection and potential threat to their self-identity. Of course, feedback can contain both positive and negative elements, but it is increasingly being sought and used for more than just raising self-awareness.

We’ve written a white paper, The Impact of Feedback that covers:

  • Gathering and Reporting Feedback
  • Providing Effective Feedback
  • Reacting to Feedback
  • Overcoming Resistance and Defense Mechanisms
  • The Role of Technology
  • Developing a Forward Vision
  • The Contribution of Learning and Development

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Creating A Culture Of Coaching In 10 Steps: Upcoming Webinar

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Coaching Employees: How to Increase Job Satisfaction and Employee Retention

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