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Career Coaching: A Valuable Benefit For Employers

Career Coaching Improves Employee Performance

Valuable Benefit

Wouldn’t it be great if your managers and leaders could build better working relationships with their employees that resulted in increased engagement and retention? With performance being a necessity for financial success, employers need to implement continuous learning programs and give employees the opportunity to acquire new skills to thrive.

When employees face challenges related to their careers, it can affect their overall success at the company. If these issues go unresolved, it’s likely that this will begin to affect their day-to-day performance. For members of senior management, the impact can be felt even more because they directly affect overall business strategy and direction.

Career coaching is a resource that employees can use and managers can rely on when work performance, career transition and/or culture fit is a challenge. It gives employers a way to encourage their employees to seek career assistance early to prevent small problems from getting out of hand. Too often when these items go unaddressed, employees are either fired or they quit due to lack of direction and guidance.

TalentGuard’s white paper, Career Coaching is a Valuable Benefit for Employers,” covers:

  • Preserving employee commitment to company goals despite organizational instability
  • How to help key employees reach higher career aspirations
  • Why you should proactively address employee challenges with career coaching
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Career Coaching is a Valuable Benefit for Employees

One of the most crucial issues facing management is preserving employee commitment to company goals and objectives despite organizational instability. We are experiencing a time of great organizational change led by oversees outsourcing, downsizing, global restructuring, and diminishing career advancement paths. Because of these changes, employees are less likely to rise up the ranks and […]