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Our career pathing solution gives employees a window into all the opportunities your company offers, so they can clearly envision and work towards a career path that aligns with their skills and life plans.

Visibility that sparks initiative

Employees can actively explore their possibilities within the company and build career paths tailored to their competencies and goals, whether they’re aiming for the top or happy where they are.

Agile matching of people and roles

Our competency-based search functions allow employees to search for roles that fit their skills and dreams. This increases internal mobility from the bottom up, helping your company retain its valuable talent.

Growth with purpose

When employees set their sights on a career path, they get a custom development plan based on their current competencies, so they can acquire the skills their desired roles demand.

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Talent Management Simplified.

Rapidly build AI-powered job, skill, and career data that seamlessly establish a robust foundation for transformative talent management.

Automate includes the ability to:

  • Generation of skill and competency profiles
  • Development of detailed job descriptions
  • Alignment of learning content with skills
  • Mapping of career path progressions


Elevating Organizational Success.

Establish an enterprise-level foundation to manage and optimize a ​mission-critical talent management program at scale.

All the Engage features plus the ability to:

  • Build high-potential talent pools
  • Measure employee performance
  • Track employee certifications
  • Conduct multi-rater leadership feedback

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Additional information

Career mobility is a crucial aspect of any organization that wants to hire and retain talent long-term. It’s a part of talent management, and it helps companies find excellent job candidates for the opportunities that come up within the organization. You don’t need to handle the process manually since career mobility software can help you automate your workforce management.
There are different names for career mobility software, including:

  • Career software
  • Internal mobility software
  • Talent mobility software
  • Internal mobility platform
  • Talent mobility framework

Installing and properly using career software can help your HR department enjoy an easier time filling any vacancy with internal talent. With a talent mobility framework, you can manage every stage of the employee lifecycle from the day you recruit to the day you let them go. Nevertheless, the goal of an internal mobility platform is to assist you in keeping valuable employees and helping them progress in their careers.

These tools allow your HR team to track your employees’ progress, skills, and experience level without hassle. This, in turn, allows you to develop your staff’s potential while driving them towards their career goals. Talent mobility software can help you allocate the right projects to your employees, ensuring they develop their abilities and gain useful experience. As a result, each employee’s productivity will improve, and overall performance will increase.

Additionally, as you equip your staff to handle their responsibilities better, you’ll provide a sense of job security and satisfaction. When your employees are happy with their role in your company and their work, productivity will likely improve. You could even save a lot of cash since the employee development program will eliminate the need to seek and hire new talent from outside. Career mobility software can take different forms, and we’ll discuss the common ones in the rest of the post.

Career Pathing Template

Career mobility software won’t work in isolation. You’ll need to develop a career path framework as the basis for the talent management strategies you implement to ensure employee-engagement levels remain high. While it’s possible to manually manage your organization’s career pathing template, using software is much easier. Once you integrate career software with your career path outline, you’ll find creative solutions for any employee management challenges you come across.

The first benefit of a career pathing template is that it keeps your staff aware of what it takes to achieve their career goals within your organization. The roles and responsibilities of every position will be clear for your employees to see, and they can work towards attaining those positions as they grow. You won’t have to worry about your team leaving to work for another company since they’ll see the possibility of moving up the corporate ladder.

Another benefit of using a career pathing template with your career mobility software is highlighting the skills and experience employees need to fill vacancies. As such, employees will have the chance to collaborate closely with managers to determine the skills they need to acquire to become eligible for better positions. When employees know what they require to get a promotion, they’ll be self-driven and motivated towards better productivity.

Your staff will also profit from a career path framework because they’ll avail themselves of training opportunities and other resources to ensure they move up the chain. There could be multiple career development resources available for your staff, but they could find it challenging to choose the right one. When you use career mobility software with your career path template, employees will know which training options are the best for their career goals.

Internal Talent Marketplace

What is a talent marketplace? A talent marketplace is a virtual platform where AI matches employees to positions that match their skills and expertise. Within an organizational setting, it is called an internal talent marketplace. It’s a great solution for large companies that want to maximize their internal potential rather than hiring outside talent.

You can use your career mobility software to simplify some HR roles and make it easier to position employees where they’ll thrive best. A talent marketplace will also provide the resources necessary for career growth like projects, courses, and mentorships. These career development opportunities give your staff the hope of professional growth as they polish their skills and learn new things.

Involving your employees in their career journey by matching them to roles that suit their capabilities can improve employee retention. At the same time, it can make your company a talent magnet and help your staff reach their full potential and develop a sense of confidence. Then, when it’s time to hire new people, your HR can use an internal talent marketplace to develop a talent acquisition strategy.

You can also use the platform to find out the best ways to support career development in the organization. All the employees in every branch of your company will have access to the internal talent marketplace and can be matched to suitable opportunities. A great platform will require employee profiles for your staff and details on the individual’s skills and career goals.

Your staff will get career-building experiences as they work in your company. You can draw reports from the data you collect in the talent marketplace platform and use it to make decisions in talent management. The platform could be integrated with HR tools to allow employee information to be shared efficiently. You could also collaborate with online course providers for your source learning material.

Career Pathing Software

Career pathing software is another form that career mobility software can take. This system is designed to align employees with opportunities for professional growth to benefit the company. It works by creating a map of an employee’s career direction based on their skills, interests, and goals. The roles could be lateral, vertical, or cross-functional, depending on the current and future needs of the organization.

One of the benefits of career pathing tools is that they allow employees to strive towards more responsibilities and roles within an organization. This transparency helps build trust with employees as they grow and evolve professionally. As a result, the support that your staff feels will encourage them to do their best, which will boost productivity.

You’ll also reduce workplace anxiety related to changing jobs since your team has some control over their career growth. Keeping your employees engaged with their roles will help them develop a sense of security since they’ll feel like they are building a long-lasting relationship with the company.

As you handle your career management process with the career mobility software, you can also ask for feedback from your employees. This could help you discover better ways of handling tasks, hidden employee talents, and improve employee satisfaction.

Career pathing software can also pave the way for outstanding employees to give them roles that they can perform effectively. Since these promotions come with salary increments and prominence, you can expect a good level of competition in the workplace. Additionally, the employees who move up will also develop a strong sense of loyalty because they feel valued.

There are diverse ways career mobility software can prove useful for your organization. If you need a platform to manage the talent in your company, contact us and let us help you with your talent management skills.

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