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TalentGuard Releases New Version of Integrated Talent Management Suite

Version 7.0 Gives Users Robust User Interface, New Integration Capabilities

and Rapid Time-to-Value

Austin, Texas – January 20, 2015 – TalentGuard, a leading provider of talent management software solutions designed to engage and retain employees, announced today that it has introduced Version 7.0 of its Integrated Talent Management Suite.

TalentGuard’s upgraded Talent Management Suite Version 7.0 reduces the time-to-value of getting a new talent management solution up and running in an organization. With its pre-built competencies and libraries, enhanced integration, one-click and drag-and-drop capabilities and SaaS configuration, companies can have employees and managers using the applications in just a few weeks.

“Our integrated Talent Management Suite will significantly streamline an organization’s adoption of talent management solutions, decreasing time-to-value from months or even years with other applications in the market,” said Frank Ginac, chief technology officer at TalentGuard. Our new competency framework and role manager sets the standard for depth of functionality and ease-of-use across all Talent Management solutions in the marketplace today.”

New features and enhancements of Talent Management Suite 7.0 include:

  • Robust User Interface – Users can now easily guide themselves through the application by using enhanced navigation options that help users quickly identify where they want to go and how to retrieve information with the click of a button.
  • Improved Framework – Building out skills, capabilities and job roles is a one-click, drag and drop configuration with pre-populated libraries to accelerate setup time and reduce the need for manual entry.
  • End User Support – TalentGuard is the only company in the Talent Management space to offer direct to end user support. End users in organizations now have access to TalentGuard’s support team when they need assistance. This takes the burden of routine application support off of HR and IT personnel allowing both to focus their time on higher value activities related to employee engagement, retention, and development
  • 3rd Party Integration – The Suite now includes integration capabilities to 3rd party applications so it can “plug and play” within existing HRIS environments.

“Our customers provided a significant contribution to the development of the user interface and framework in Version 7.0,” said Linda Ginac, CEO of TalentGuard. “Our software is a breakthrough in how HR organizations will adopt and use talent management software to reduce turnover and keep employees motivated.”

About Talent Guard

TalentGuard is a SaaS-based, talent management software suite that delivers a unique, competency-based framework – called Career Core Competencies (C3) – that enables organizations to customize their solution to meet company objectives as well as those of the individual employee. The SaaS solution focuses on the vital areas of talent management such as performance management, career pathing and succession. It is unmatched in its ability to engage and retain talent while building transparency for the employee and ensuring a significantly higher level of predictability and communication in managing their career path. Learn more at www.talentguard.com.

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