Reskilling & Upskilling: Cost, Risks, and Opportunities

Research shows that the number one thing workers want from their employer is an opportunity to learn and grow. However, those development-starved workers are increasingly at risk of losing their jobs due to automation and general technological disruption. Additionally, business experts agree that human skills like adaptability, creativity, and collaboration should be priorities for employers that want to future-proof their workforce. All these factors point to the fact that employers need to fundamentally reexamine their approach to managing and growing their talent.
In this session, researcher and industry leader Ben Eubanks will explore the latest data on the costs, risks, and opportunities of employee reskilling initiatives. Examining how to identify internal skills and chart a path for success, this conversation will help talent and HR leaders build a business case for investment in reskilling and internal talent mobility and development.

Ben Eubanks – Principal Analyst, Lighthouse Research & Advisory