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A common reason an employee will leave for a competitor is lack of career progress. An explanation for this fact is that employees desire to be a part of something that will inspire them to think about a destination ahead. Just the simple thought of progress toward that destination will spark motion toward that desire. If employees are left without the opportunity to think about a possible destination, then they will remain stagnant in the same position.

A common misconception exists that action or motion will result in progress – that hard work will result in career advancement. However, many employees work hard and do not ever make progress toward a destination. Those employees may feel that one day their hard work will be appreciated and they will receive career advancement, but eventually time passes and nothing seems to change. Employees lose interest, their will power diminishes, and many move to a competitor where they believe they will be appreciated.

Working for a company where employees are not able to realize their destination decreases engagement. They work day after day doing their job instead of making progress toward a career. These employees are in constant motion but never make progress – essentially they are like hamsters running in a wheel.

The problem is not solely the employee’s fault, but rather more on the company. Companies that do not provide employees with career pathing resources fail to inspire progress. Employees must believe that “my hard work has a purpose toward the path I set for myself.”

All companies have talented people, but are they given the opportunity for career progression? Can those employees answer the question, “What is next for me?” and “What are the steps to get to my desired career?” Companies that give employees the opportunity to answer those questions will inspire actions that achieve career aspirations, and in turn results for the company.

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