Why Managers Need to Be Career Coaches

Businesses Don’t Fail, People Fail Businesses

The Hire That You’re Having Trouble Finding Is Just Down The Hall

Most CEOs agree that finding internal talent with the right skills to fill open positions is an on-going challenge. TalentGuard’s Talent Finder allows talent management decision-makers to:

  • Set criteria for a specific skills, experiences, and qualifications needed by the organization for a job role, rotation, project or initiative
  • Intelligently identify employees who are best matches based on the specified criteria
  • View an employee’s career interests and aspirations to align their career goals with your company’s needs

Within seconds, you can create a profile that specifies exactly the skills needed and generate a list of qualified candidates. For instance, it might be a person with a Master’s Degree, an individual who has exceptional skills in leadership and communication, and someone who speaks fluent Spanish who is willing to relocate to Mexico. From these matches, you can see all the relevant information on this employee: talent profile, resume, readiness for roles and learning gaps.

See firsthand how Talent Finder can quickly identify the best talent in your organization and move you beyond informal Succession Planning.

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