Fernando Ferreira

Senior Manager, Software Engineering | Development

As Senior Manager of Software Engineering, Fernando Ferreira oversees and assists with the development of TalentGuard’s software solutions. Providing strong leadership, he directs the work of the engineering team, ensures that best practices are implemented during the development process and pushes for innovation to keep TalentGuard as a top industry competitor. He joins the company with extensive experience in software development and integrations for various organizations, ranging from government bodies to social programs.

Prior to TalentGuard, he was contracted by the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México and served as a computer systems engineer, where he designed and developed a driver’s license issuance system for Sinaloa that incorporated state of the art biometric verification systems. He then integrated the software system with Plataforma Mexico, Mexico’s largest data warehouse system. Fernando also led software development initiatives to support Contigo, a social care program that is active in many cities across Mexico’s northern border. Before joining Contigo, Fernando supported political and social change when he successfully integrated an identity management system for Mexican Federal police and collaborated in the first gun control software system for Guatemala. He also participated in the implementation of a de-centralized card issuance system lead by Credomatic in Costa Rica, El Salvador and other Center American countries.

Fernando received his bachelor’s in Computer Engineering from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.