Ginac’s Workforce Excellence Tips 11-20

Ginac’s Workforce Excellence Tips 1-10

Ginac’s Talent Management Tips 11-20

Ginac’s Talent Management Tip #11: It’s always good to bring experts into the company to share information with employees. It inspires new ideas and sparks excitement in the team.

Ginac’s Talent Management Tip : Do something sporadic for an employee that steps up to the plate for a project. Simple things matter and have a lasting impact.

Ginac’s Talent Management Tip : Being a compassionate leader can be difficult. When problems arise focus on performance not personality.

Ginac’s Talent Management Tip : Employees will go the extra mile for you, if they know you will go the extra mile for them. Show employees your loyalty!

Ginac’s Talent Management Tip # 15: Don’t manage or lead. These are outdated ideas rooted in the belief that the best results are attained by dominance and control. Instead, follow this formula: discover, nurture, inspire, and commit.

Ginac’s Talent Management Tip : Sometimes good employees make bad choices. Be sure to give your good employees feedback often even if you think they don’t need it. You might be surprised.

Ginac’s Talent Management Tip #17: When searching for a leader, search for the person who is unafraid to take the first and last step in any endeavor. They will lead you to success.

Ginac’s Talent Management Tip #18: As leaders, it so hard to stop pedaling like we are trying to win a race. Sometimes you need to recognize that the wind is on your back.

Ginac’s Talent Management Tip #19: People can adapt to anything, but they must first decide what they want and the changes will follow.

Ginac’s Talent Management Tip #20: Combine facts and feelings when making decisions because together they will help you make the right decisions.

Ginac’s Workforce Excellence Tips 1-10

Ginac’s Workforce Excellence Tip #1: Most organizations think they have competencies, but they are really using basic tenets. Make sure your competencies are performance-based because if it can’t be measured, it can’t be improved. Ginac’s Workforce Excellence Tip #2:  In thinking about workforce excellence, be sure to know what benchmarks are used in your industry to […]

Ginac’s Talent Management Tips 1-10

Ginac’s Talent Management Tip: #1: Status reports should communicate strategy, risks and targets (not tasks)! I asked my team to structure their reports as if they were tweeting. A member on my team came up with Tweeport — a very relevant and short status report. Ginac’s Talent Management Tip #2: Use failure as a tool. […]

Talent Management Best Practices

Organizations large and small have varying needs for talent management and the size of the organization does not dictate its talent management maturity level. Before rolling out any talent management initiative, I look at three elements: • Relevance • Transparency • Manageability 1. Relevance Many HR strategies are data driven and compliance-centric. This often tends […]