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Ginac’s Talent Management Tips 11-20

Ginac’s Workforce Excellence Tips 11-20

Ginac’s Workforce Excellence Tip Tip : Articulate your top 3 challenges, prioritize them, and then find a solution for each one in consecutive order.

Ginac’s Workforce Excellence Tip Tip : Organizations that value the “treat employees as family” tenant outperform those that don’t. Foster an environment of love, respect, and transparency and you will start to improve morale and engagement.

Ginac’s Workforce Excellence Tip Tip : Performance Management is a process and needs formality around benchmarks. Then…managers need to be taught how to have the tough conversations with employees to inspire growth.

Ginac’s Workforce Excellence Tip #14 : The old way of generic leadership development is dead! Leadership development programs must be highly tailored to each person because each person is unique.

Ginac’ Workforce Excellence Tip 15: Before you implement a talent management initiative, make sure your executive team and managers have a talent mindset, otherwise efforts go to waste.

Ginac’ Workforce Excellence Tip 16: Streamline HR tasks to make them more efficient. It makes room to think about new ways of doing things and encourages innovation.

Ginac’s Workforce Excellence Tip 17: Remember to do things that make you and your team feel great about what you are doing. Sometimes focusing too much on the result or productivity can hinder progress.

Ginac’s Workforce Excellence Tip 18: Sometimes it is best to step back and survey your strategies to see if they are aligned to business priorities, not just what’s piling up highest on your project list. Should you continue down the same path?

Ginac’s Workforce Excellence Tip 19:  Watch for the employees that overdo it at work and neglect their personal lives and the employees who let work slide because they overindulge in their personal life. Help them find the middle path and teach them how to manage it.

Ginac’s Workforce Excellence Tip 20:  Increase line manager accountability for workforce performance by creating a custom workforce scorecard for your department or company.

Ginac’s Talent Management Tips 11-20

Ginac’s Talent Management Tip #11: It’s always good to bring experts into the company to share information with employees. It inspires new ideas and sparks excitement in the team. Ginac’s Talent Management Tip : Do something sporadic for an employee that steps up to the plate for a project. Simple things matter and have a […]

Ginac’s Workforce Excellence Tips 1-10

Ginac’s Workforce Excellence Tip #1: Most organizations think they have competencies, but they are really using basic tenets. Make sure your competencies are performance-based because if it can’t be measured, it can’t be improved. Ginac’s Workforce Excellence Tip #2:  In thinking about workforce excellence, be sure to know what benchmarks are used in your industry to […]

Ginac’s Talent Management Tips 1-10

Ginac’s Talent Management Tip: #1: Status reports should communicate strategy, risks and targets (not tasks)! I asked my team to structure their reports as if they were tweeting. A member on my team came up with Tweeport — a very relevant and short status report. Ginac’s Talent Management Tip #2: Use failure as a tool. […]