Ginac’s Talent Management Tips 11-20

Talent Management Best Practices

Ginac’s Talent Management Tips 1-10

Ginac’s Talent Management Tip: #1: Status reports should communicate strategy, risks and targets (not tasks)! I asked my team to structure their reports as if they were tweeting. A member on my team came up with Tweeport — a very relevant and short status report.

Ginac’s Talent Management Tip #2: Use failure as a tool. There are times when the experience of failure is the only path to enlightenment or deep understanding. To use it as a tool means that you recognize that failure is imminent but will do nothing to prevent it and that the value of the lesson will outweigh its cost. It would be foolish to let it happen otherwise.

Ginac’s Talent Management Tip #3: Start every morning and end everyday with a 5-10 minute scrum meeting. Share 1-2 things you will accomplish in the am and communicate results in the pm.

Ginac’s Talent Management Tip #4: Lack of confidence can limit growth opportunities. When onboarding your entry-level staff give them lots of feedback often.

Ginac’s Talent Management Tip #5: Start and end every Friday with public recognition of someone on your team. Give your feedback specific details and make it a point to articulate the recognition in a heartfelt way.

Ginac’s Talent Management Tip #6:  Performance follows passion which follows interest. Observe what someone spends their time on to gain insight on their interests; passion is close behind. Invest your time aligning their interests and hence passions with your needs to get their best. Don’t waste your time trying to shore up or “fix” their weaknesses. It will only result in both of you getting frustrated and eventually to poor performance.

Ginac’s Talent Management Tip #7 Performance reviews and career development discussions should be held separately.

Ginac’s Talent Management Tip #8 Effective executives delegate 90% of the time, while first line managers should be at 30%!

Ginac’s Talent Management Tip #9: Be flexible with your team even when they take you off guard. Speak your peace, and then let them prove their value.

Ginac’s Talent Management Tip #10 People who flaunt their personal relationships with higher ups need to be redirected because it negatively impacts the rest of the team. Do not foster the appearance of personal connections even if you have them.

Talent Management Best Practices

Organizations large and small have varying needs for talent management and the size of the organization does not dictate its talent management maturity level. Before rolling out any talent management initiative, I look at three elements: • Relevance • Transparency • Manageability 1. Relevance Many HR strategies are data driven and compliance-centric. This often tends […]