Five Ways to Develop Employees Using Succession Planning

Using Career Paths to Effectively Address Skill Gaps

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How to Use Career Paths to Support Your IT Talent in a Changing Industry

Competencies, Certifications and Progressions

The IT industry is changing faster than ever. It’s going through a number of major shifts at a global level – and those changes have an impact on the way businesses operate. The introduction of new innovative technology is driving dramatic changes in service delivery and these new IT innovations demand additional training and qualifications to keep pace, which increase the risk of major skill shortages in key business areas.

Organizations can no longer rely on manual, time-consuming methods to manage and update competencies and job role data. TalentGuard will share best practices to empower and develop people with information they need to build new skills, find meaningful work, and learn and grow in their roles. See how iVenture, a leading IT services company, significantly increased employee engagement with a few key strategies: (1) They are helping employees and managers have an accurate assessment of IT competencies and certifications; (2) enabling employees to build career paths based on interests and aspirations that close learning gaps today and in the future; and (3) empowering managers to be better coaches to employees by providing leader career guides and advice.

What you will learn:

  • Benefits of using a predefined IT competency library with ready-to-use job descriptions, proficiency-based behavioral statements, development goals, cascading tips, interview questions and more.
  • Value of using a competency assessment manager to gain an accurate and up-to-date view of employee skills.
  • ROI of mapping IT career progressions to develop critical skills and avoid skill shortages.
  • How to reduce costs and complexity by tracking certifications that comply with customers, partners, and regulatory needs.
  • How to identify internal candidates faster with the skills needed to compete and deliver on your workforce strategy today and in the future.

Date: May 3, 2017

Time: 12:00PM CT / 1:00PM ET

Using Career Paths to Effectively Address Skill Gaps

An inability to address skill gaps costs companies each month. Learn how using career paths can create the skills and talent needed to close the gaps.

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