Performance Management Software

Ongoing feedback, continuous growth

Turn periodic performance reviews into an ongoing conversation that generates constructive feedback and meaningful, measurable improvement throughout the year.

Real-time feedback for better learning

Performance feedback is most powerful when it happens in real time, whether it’s constructive criticism or recognition for a job well done. The performance review can be transparent between manager and employee or employee-only, or manager-only.

Multi-faceted reviews

Combine reviews of culture, soft skills, job skills, and organizational goals into one streamlined performance review. Utilize BARS or Likert scales to customize to your organizational needs.

Org-wide goal alignment

Keep everyone working towards the targets that matter by setting company or departmental goals and assigning them directly to employees.

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Unleash your company’s inner genius

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Employees have three core needs: engaging work, recognition for doing a great job, and knowing what is going on in the company. TalentGuard’s Performance Management Software is a cloud solution that enables companies to:

  • Share corporate goals to align the organization and focus on results.
  • Support real-time feedback and career development planning.
  • Recognize and reward people based on key performance metrics.
  • Recommend relevant learning resources to stimulate professional growth.

With a robust performance review system, companies can move beyond the “one and done” evaluation process to an efficient and focused strategic talent management program.