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January Webinar: Encouraging Year-round Adoption and Engagement of the Performance Management Process

Wishing on a Star

One of my friends Laura Ruth Jacks, co-founder of Gorgeous Millie, made a post about her youngest son inquiring about why his wishes hadn’t yet come true and she wanted to maintain the magic. As I read her post, It reminded me of what it’s like to be an entrepreneur and how I feel everyday — wishing, hoping, and working hard for success. This is what I posted, “A wish doesn’t understand time. Sometimes we have to make the wish over and over again. The stars reflect all of the wishes people ask and the ones that fall are the wishes being granted to someone special somewhere. Don’t stop wishing.” In big girl words, this is what it meant for me. Business happens when it happens and it’s not on your timeline. We try and try to sell software via demos and when you think the deal is ready to close time gets in the way. The stars are all of the opportunities you have and the ones that fall become customers that you’ve wished and worked for over and over. The lesson: life repeats itself and it’s how we look at things that matter.

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On Talent Reporting

PwC’s 15th Annual Global CEO Survey (2012) found that: 31% of CEO’s believe talent constraints limit their ability to innovate, 29% were unable to purse on opportunity. Thus, CEO’s want to change their talent management strategy and reporting principles. Inspired by 1939’s Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) for accountants, there is a movement to standardize […]

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Talent Management Top Blog Posts

Tomorrow is the day kids dream of. Ice cream, lemonade, BBQ, and the one night they get to stay up late so they can watch the sun set and eagerly await the show the sky will provide the moment it gets completely dark. The 4th of July conjures up many memories for adults and kids alike. It’s a […]